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Just had the nicest ss+ meal :D

I had quorn chicken pieces with quorn smoky bacon mixed with sage and parsley and a bit of black pepper, with a very small helping on bbq sauce that only has a very small trace of fat and some peas yummy!

im strangly enjoying this diet :D

what are you making out of your + meals?
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
watch the sugar in that BBQ sauce :) it's the carbs rather than fat you need to watch in that (and the peas).. not on the plan but the meal sounds lovely! Haven't tried the quorn bacon.. is it higher in carbs or ok?
lower than the burgers and sausages dont think its much diffrent in carbs to chicken pieces.

and poop about peas just looked and they is well high :cry:i hope i havent knocked my self out of ketosis :sigh:
I've just had 200g quorn mince microwaved with 2 chopped shitake mushrooms, a spoon of peas, some herbs, pepper and bit of beef stock.. Was lovely and filling.. Been doing SS+ with the milk option before but quite tempted to do the meal option now although gutted bout the peas lol... Ketostix all night for me now as paranoid.. Hoping the weight loss isn't much different on the meal option? Anyone know? xx
When i asked my CDC bout veg she said anything green well obviously not! i think you should be ok i had about a table spoon of peas before and was fine but had two today so panicking a bit :(
Yes i got told anything green too! Well guess time will tell.. On with the ketostix tonight i think for me.. Hoping to 1. not be out of ketosis, 2. having the same losses with the meal option as the milk option. x


Gone fishing
Yes, fraid peas aren't allowed. Too many carbs :( Sounds yum though and if it has brought you out of ketosis, please don't worry, just stick to the book from now on and you'll be fine :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Was just about to suggest getting the book out.. ;) if it's from the SS+ section of the book you know it's safe :)

What's done is done, at least you enjoyed it! lol
I checked my ketostix this morning and all seems well so hopefully i havent done to much damage! to the shops to buy some broccoli today!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Glad you are both still in ketosis :) Enjoy the broccoli! :D I buy frozen packs of that and cauliflower.. then it's to hand in small quantities :)
Does anyone know of any receipies for SS+ meals?
or do you all just make them up on your own?

D x
Sounds yummy. I am on ss at the mo but cant wait until i start going up the steps.

Does Quorn taste ok?? Only asking as i am such a fussy eater but when i do start eating again i want to be sensible and never get this big again so i am look at the healthier options long term and obviously Quorn is one of those options.
I really enjoy quorn i miss mixing it with chilli mix and spagetti sauce but its still lovely

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