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Just joined WW tonight - so much to take in!!


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Evening everyone!!

Well, just what the title says really, I'm a newbie to the site and WW!! Joined tonight and am feeling really excited and motivated - hope this keeps up :D

I also feel a bit overwhelmed... there seems to be a lot to take in! But I've literally kitted myself out with everything! Monthly pass, PP calculator, shop, eat out and track books so I'm hoping I've got all the tools and will succeed!!

Just wanted to introduce myself really and if anybody has any tips or helpful advice to give that'd be really appreciated!! I'm hoping to use this site a lot as support :)

Lauryn x
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Hi Lauryn, Welcome to the forum.
Looks like you are ready for the off!
Just remember to keep posting so we can keep track and see how you are progressing and give you that support when necessary...:D
Also, when those occasions happen that you have a blip just try to relax and accept that they are bound to happen now and again and it doesn't mean that you are a failure but just being human. So take a deep breath and get back to it a.s.a.p....:)

All the very best to you.


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Hi. You will soon be in the swing of things. It sounds like you mean business. Good luck!

My first tip is to plan ahead as much as you can. Plan your day at least. I spend 20 minutes each week putting my food into the esource tracker for the following week. It saves time in the long run and I know how many weeklies I have left to play with. It's not set in stone and gets tweaked day to day.

Secondly, track everything. I used to eat stuff and pretend I hadn't. Now I have my weeklies there is no reason not to record everything and be honest with myself. I find I am.now in control.
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Hi lauryn

Welcome this site is great for chatting and keeping on track. You will get lots of friendly advice and support here.
My advice would be to set small goals like lose 7lb etc rather than look at end goal as that can seem far away I find buying something in a size down ( cheap) and having it as a target to get into great motivation.


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I agree with michellethegooner, its very easy to think of the whole picture and be intimidated by it (its happened to me in the past & i've just given up!). Managable steps are the best way forward. My short term target is just getting down each bmi number (which is about 7lbs for me) and I find that works well


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I joined yesterday and iv had a great first day :)
WW toast an philidelphia for breakfast 4pp
Cereal bar 2pp
And fruit

WW veg soup 3pp
1 bread 1pp
Yogurt 1pp
WW crisps 2pp

Lasagne 6pps

Treat crunchie 5pp

Only used 24points just dranks lots of water and i feel GREAT ;) cant wait to get weighed tuesday :)

Good luck with yours

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S: 17st10.5lb C: 16st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 37 Loss: 0st12.5lb(5.03%)
Wow thankyou everybody!! So many great tips & advice and I'm taking it all on board :) keep them coming!!!

First day has been really good! I've been that busy doing my reading, looking through esource & tracking everything thar I've kept my mind busy & haven't thought of food! I shall definitely be planning ahead, that's great advice pudnpie, as already today I've found it quite hard to just pick something when hungry and have to quickly work out it's pro point value! Need to get some food shopping in ASAP!!

Also brilliant tip to set myself small goals (thanks michelle & hannata!) the thought of my end goal (63lbs) is so daunting, and can be slightly off putting too :-/ so I'm going to aim for my 5% first I think!!

Thanks emmaline, it's good to hear that! I know I'm a complete sucker forgiving up if fall off the bandwagon just once... hopefully that's just a thing of the past now!!

Hi to the newbies too!! Hope to hear how your all handling your first weeks and what your losses are :) x

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