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Just picked up my 1st batch of lipotrim

Hello! I'm back on track today, the first few days are the worst, and then when you see the results after a week it really motivates you to keep going. This site is a lifesaver, theres always someone on here to talk you down from the temptations!!! good luck, keep us posted as to how your doing :)

Thornhill Cate

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I was exactly the same my first day, wondering whether I'd make it through day one let alone week one. Now I've just started week 5 and it's going great. I didn't have ANY problems with the first few days so feeling lousy is not a foregone conclusion; it affects people differently. You might sail through. Yes, do come on here lots. The support, insight and knowledge you gain is invaluable. Very good luck with it all. Your first weigh in will make it all worth while and motivate you for the next week and so on.
Hi Laughalot. im only on day 10 and can already feel the difference. I have loads of energy (my apartment has never been so clean.lol)and the weight is shifting:)
I too had no problems at all ,i have m,y 1st shake around 11 am,then 3pm then the last about 8ish. Make sure you have plenty of water ,at least 4 pints, that will help fill you up.
Lots of Luck x
Hi Laughalot and welcome to the forum,

Im on day 2 so Im as new as you!!
Good luck , everyone reacts differently to Lipotrim, I hate the first week and then I can sail through it.
Coming here to the forum is a lifesaver, it really is the place to come whatever mood you're in.
Hope you are doing ok, remember to drink your water , its so important, I can't stand water but drink it cos I know I have to.
Remember Drink to Shrink!! haha

Jessie 888

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Hi Laughalot and welcome :) I hope your first week is good for you. I'm only on Day 12 but feeling much better already. It's a bit like reading the info leaflet in a new medicine: if you read the "possible side-effects" you start feeling them all! :p Personally, I'm so glad I started Lipotrim. You would expect to feel hungry at first, like any diet, but this shouldn't last too long if you're lucky. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.
Well iv woken up this morning feeling really positive about it iv had a black coffee which was yuk but im sure il get used to that an il be having my 1st shake about 10 ish really looking forward to this diet an seeing how well i do an to everyone keep up the good work xx
Well done! So by now you're at least one shake down!!! What flavours have you gone for? I started off with vanilla and choc but now I'm just on the choc, adding peppermint tea to the choc is yum, as is adding coffee to your vanilla. I keep motivating myself by thinking "this is the heaviest I'll ever be!" woop!


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As in my other post, the first time i had the vanilla on day one i thought i was going to be sick during and after drinking it... it was vile. I actually had to stand over the sink as i thought i was 'gonna go' but i didnt thank goodness!!! They do get better, i can stomach the vanilla now but its not the best ever !!!
lol i think the shakes are nice,well the strawberry and chocolate ones ,then i have the soup in the evening. The flapjacks are totally disgusting , won't be long till we're all back on normal food again anyway!

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
You could try half the amount of powder mixed with the same amount of water to make them less strong/sickly. Some people do this to make six shakes a day. Also, lots people put the powder, water and ice cubes in a blender and then process it which seems to make a difference to the taste. Personally I couldn't stand the vanilla or chocolate but like the strawberry and the soup so that's what I'm existing on. But I've never tried the blender method.
Hi. I only drink the vanilla with a spoon of coffee and 2 sweeteners. I do it in my smoothies maker with 250 mms of boiling water and then when it's blended I top it up to the 500ml mark. I hated the choc and soup and the strawberry is only ok. I just stick with the vanilla coffees now. I pour it into my cafetiere and that gets rid of any stray lumps too. Yum

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good luck with ur journey!! :)
hi there, i picked up my first batch today and am feeling similar to you...chocolate drink went down ok, its funny my stomach is not hungry but my head keeps telling me i want food....keep in touch...annie :D

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