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Just plain crazy!

Well thats it, week two is nearly done and I think I am finally getting to grips with being allowed to eat all I had thought I couldnt. It feels so strange to stuff my face with eggs and meat and not worry but I know its working, I already feel so much lighter on my feet and more energetic. I am even thinking I can quit smoking on this diet with no weight gain. This forum is great for tips and advice and I know if I come across problems I can ask for some guidance. Cheers guys!
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We're at about the same stage Jaxy - I'm at the end of week two and just started a diary too. It's great isn't it??! My plan is also to quit smoking (again, and for good). Here's to week 3 :D


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Good stuff jaxy! It's great isn't it?! :)


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Welcome to your diary - it's amazing time passes, you eat great food, you get thinner:D


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Great news Jaxy - really pleased you're enjoying it!
Oh dear I think I am getting ill. Last night I developed a painful sorethroat :( I cant understand it as I never really get sick. Do we think its atkins? I am taking a multivitamin daily and having loads more veg than I did before, but I do miss my fruit and im wondering if this has something to do with it. I am also wondering what throat sweets I can have if any because its very sore!
salt and water maybe? are we allowed salt??? hang on in there :)
Im pretty sure I am drinking loads. I work in a shop with aircon on all day and have had to do lots of extra shifts lately (actually I cant remeber when my last day off was and I often work 14 hour shifts). The aircon really dries my throat so I am always guzzling water. Actually maybe it is the aircon..... I dont have any other cold symptoms yet.


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You can do it on the quitting smoking front Jaxy. And never fear, you have a catty to look after you while you're poorly :)
Wow well done. I had quit for ages a while back but moved house and transferred jobs and for some reason started again! Foolish I know! I think as im feeling a bit under the weather already I may quit right now, its only irritating my throat. Here comes ratty jackie lol!
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Hi Jackie and welcome love, I'd plump for the air con my self, it tends to give me a sore throat as well
A little update.... The cold has nearly gone, my energy levels are up, I am still working far too many hours, and I gave up on quitting smoking (only for the time being). I only lost a little weight last week but with how I was feeling I was surprised I even manged that! I cant say enough how glad I am to be on atkins its the best way of eating ever!


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Great news on the energy etc.

And i think you're right to focus on one thing at a time - get Atkins WOE into a good routine and then you will be in a much better frame of mind to think about giving up :)
My food today:
Boiled eggs,
Mattesons sausage and cheese as snacks,
Bacon and spinach salad for lunch,
Fish broc and cauli for dinner.
Quick and easy and great for work.

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