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Just Started on Lipotrim and Hungry!


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Hi mellwade,

On about your third or fourth day you should go into ketosis and once in ketosis you will find that the hunger is either gone or greatly reduced.

One of the things that can help is to split your shake and have one half now and one later...so instead of having three shakes you can have six mini ones throughout the day to help balance blood sugars. This can help really help in the first week.

Just remember to make each half up fresh and to consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble.

I am back on Lipotrim again and this is my fifth day and I am feeling good.

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If you need any help please ask.

Love Mini xxx


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About four days ur'll feel the hunger and ask why the hell your doing this.. But after that you will be fine :)
Really do drink alot of water (Url loose more) aswell as it keeping you less hungry. Black coffee with 2 sweetners to are good
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Hiya, welcome and good luck on your LT journey, its really hard, but very worth it!! and if you need any support, this forum is the best place to come, we've all been there or going through it, and there's a lot of more experienced people here too. A problem shared on here, is definitely a problem halved!!

irish molly

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Best of luck on your LT journey. You will do very well. Keep sipping water. I find it best to keep a bottle handy rather than drink a big glass all at once. The hunger will pass very quickly.


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Em I have to be honest its gonna get worse before it gets better. But IT DOES GET BETTER. The first week is hard coz u havnt seen any results yet. Water is a godsent on this diet drink everytime you want food. And just keep reading the amazing stories on this forum it does help to see wat you've to look forward too. I think the hunger is all in your head at the start you are just so used to eating so you automatically think your hungry.

Your first weigh in will make you so happy and will give a push to go forward to the next. Good Luck and remember its only a few weeks or months without food you will be eating for the rest of your life.
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Hey Melly and welcome to LT and the forum!

It IS tough at first, there's no getting away from it. All I can say is that if you drink as much water as you can it will stave off the hunger pangs (often when we think we're hungry it's actually thirst). Just keep your eyes on the first weigh in which will be fantastic!!! It does get easier. I rarely feel hungry now and the results make the occasional pang completely worth it.

Good luck and have belief in yourself

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Hi Mellywade I just started this yesterday and have kept asking myself the question 'am I hungry' and the answer was no...are you really hungry or is it that you 'just want to eat something' the mind can make us want something just because we want it. Real hunger is your stomach starting to feel slight pain..in fact I've just felt it now and made my lunch shake and I know I won't have the hunger pang once I've finished it..the hardest part is not eating food and it's not because we are hungry it's because that is what we are used to having and it's this psycological barrier we need to get over, it's changing a habit of a lifetime and it's not always easy but as long as you ask 'the question' and can honestly answer with no you'll beat the mind games....good luck x


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The first week is always a killer, water will keep you full, but don't drink it too fast. When you have your first weigh in, you'll be more than motivated to continue. Come on the site and just keep yourself busy. I always find going out distracts me too.
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Thanks for all your support!!

Hi everyone, very many thanks for all your posts of support...had my first weigh in last night and have lost 6lbs!! Am truly chuffed. Have found my first week quite difficult at times, but am in ketosis now and it`s kinda getting a bit easier every day. I`m drinking water by the bucketload, and find this really helps when i`m feeling hungry. But I think you`re right, because we are so used to eating food, and shedloads of it at that at times, going onto lipotrim does really get you to evaluate and question how important food is to you. I`ve also come to the conclusion that food is all around us, all of the time, and it`s the way we learn to deal with it that will help us to win the dreaded weight battle. So....bring it on!!! Good luck to everyone, have a brilliant week and by the way, this site is awesome when u need help there and then. xx ;)


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Well done. You're so right. I've been on LT for 5 weeks and after some ups and downs I now feel liberated from food. In a way I'm not looking forward to having to face food again, but at least we can use our "food holiday" to try to work out how we're going to face food in the future.

Good luck
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Just worked out how to put my ticker on!! There`s hope for me yet! Good luck to all Lipotrimmers out there! xx
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Hi Jon, I really like the "food holiday" term you used in your post, it makes it seem a bit kinder than the word "diet!" Well done for losing so much already, I take my hat off to you! All the best for another successful week. :)


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Thanks. Here's hoping for a decent loss on Monday.
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Welcome to the forum & to lipotrim! As everyone's said - the first week is tough, but keep it going & you'll have a great pay off in the form of a big loss!

Good luck :)



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Mellywade play some of the games on here it can chase away the hours good luck it will get easier so persevere:)

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