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Just Started SB - Any other starters?


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Hi all

Having been battling my hunger demons and urges for sweet and fatty foods for too long, I need to find something to help keep me in control of these.

I have been going to WW for 2 months now and only 3lb down overall as I find when I start eating the sweet stuff, even when its pointed - I just can't stop.

SB looks as if it will take away these urges and lose the lbs fairly speedily so am giving it a try - 2 days in, so far so good. I always avoided this as I thought it was a low carb Atkins type diet but it's really not.

Made a chilli with minced steak and 3 lots of beans last night which was absolutely delicious - didn't even miss the rice.

Would be great if anyone else is starting this diet to get the threads going again.
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Hi Polly (are you Polly?)

I'm into my third week on phase 2 of South Beach and loving it! I lost nine and a half pounds in phase 1 which was great as it took me down into the next stone range, which I thought would elude me for ever. So far I've lost nearly another 2lbs in phase 2, which considering I can't get any exercise to speak of (having a hip replacement later in the year) is good. I did manage to lose two stone on Slimming World last year, but then for several months kept going up and down within the same 10lb range and realised I personally couldn't cope with counting syns and stuff any more. Not knocking SW but I think it's no longer for me.

What I love about SB is that once you've got the phase 1 meal plan in your head, it's so easy to work with, and phase 2 is really the same but with additions. I love that I can have cheese and nuts and good fats every day and never feel hungry.

I bought some books from eBay - South Beach Diet, a cookbook, and the Good Fats Good Carbs Guide, which I'm finding very useful.

Apart from the 'official' SB website, which seems to be heading in a bit of a commercial direction (though you can sign up for their 'daily dish' of hints etc., for free), there's a really useful affiliated support site with loads of relevant info and threads. I found that especially useful when transitioning to phase 2.

I too would be happy if people on Minimins took up the SB threads again, though I have wondered if they find it so easy that after a time they just go off and do their own thing.....

Good luck with finishing phase 1. :)
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Hi im going to start back on south beach tomorrow :) nervous excited hope we can support each other x


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I half heartedly tried this last year but didn't really stick at for more than 3 weeks.

I have re-started now and am on day 5 of Phase 1 - I am loving it this time around, feeling really positive and already feeling healthier for cutting out all of the rubbish. I am also adding in exercise to try and speed up my weight loss.

We go on holiday in 12 weeks and none of my summer clothes fit me so I am really determined to go all out on it for 12 weeks and I hope that by then it will become my natural way of eating rather than a 'diet'!

Good luck to you guys on this too xxx


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:cross: Hi, I have just ordered the book from Amazon so will be trying this diet - results look good and it looks like something I could stick to! Hope you are all doing well on it. xx


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:cross: Hi, I have just ordered the book from Amazon so will be trying this diet - results look good and it looks like something I could stick to! Hope you are all doing well on it. xx
Hi Jules! Good luck with the SB diet. It's the one and only that actually got me down into the 15s, and although I've had a few minor wobbles along the way the fact I'm the lowest weight I've been for nearly twenty years is a huge encouragement. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)


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Hi everybody I've got the sb books arriving tomorrow and can't wait to start. I've got three weeks until I get married and have been battling since oct to lose two stone, first on sw then on ww and nothing more is shifting even with exercise.
Any hints and tips for meal plan for Tom so I can get started before my books come

Will try to attach my first seven days eating plan on SB which might give some ideas - hope it works! There seems to be a preponderance of egg and bacon for breakfast, but nowadays spinach omelette takes top of the bill..... first week looks a bit exotic several weeks down the track, but suppose I was determined not to feel deprived! I'm now eating a good variety but simpler stuff.....
BEGIN SOUTH BEACH **************************************************************************************************************************************************
PHASE 1 Day 1

Breakfast: bacon – 2 eggs – 1tspn evoo – half cup mixed beans – 2 medium tomatoes
Snack: celery sticks – LClt
Lunch: 50g smoked salmon – 1 tbspn mayo – lettuce – onion – cu – beans – red pepper
Snack: 15 almonds
Supper: 70g beef – onion – pepper – squash – broccoli – evoo – beans
Snack: rest of milk + true whey [choc mint flavour]

Day 2..........................Tuesday:

Breakfast: eggs – bacon – beans – tomatoes – evoo
Snack: celery w LClt
Lunch: beef and lettuce wraps w tbspn mayo – tomato – cu – red pepper
Snack: 15 almonds
Supper: prawns – oil – s/f (broccoli/onion/garlic/ginger/pepper/squash/courgette/fennel)
Snack: rest of milk + true whey

Day 3...........................Wednesday
Breakfast: egg – bacon – tomato – mushrooms evoo
Snack: string cheese – cucumber
Lunch: sardines in tomato sauce – spinach – bistro salad – cu – mayo
Snack: 15 almonds
veg/bean stuffed red bell pepper w egg/cottage cheese – broccoli sprouts
Snack: true whey + rest of milk

Day 4...........................Thursday

Breakfast: stuffed red pepper – bacon – evoo
Snack: celery w hummus
Lunch: chicken/tomato/avocado salad w celery – mayo
Snack: 18 almonds
Supper: salmon – bistro salad – cauliflower – tspn sesame oil
Snack: –

Day 5............................Friday

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette – spinach – hot pepper sauce – tspn evoo
Snack: string cheese – cauliflower
Lunch: stuffed red pepper – bistro salad – half avocado – cottage cheese – mayo
Snack: 15 almonds
Supper: chicken – broccoli tops – tomato – cauliflower – goosie soup
Snack: vanilla whey + rest of milk

Day 6............................Saturday

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette – spinach – tspn evoo – hot pepper sauce
Snack: celery - LClt
Lunch: stuffed red pepper – lettuce – tomato – mayo – cold beef slices
Snack: 15 almonds
smoked salmon – samphire – stuffed red pepper – olives – lettuce – avocado
Snack: vanilla whey + rest of milk

Day 7............................. Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette – spinach – hot pepper sauce – tspn evoo
Snack: 1 tbsn peanut butter – celery
Lunch: 125g xl mince beef – chopped toms - Β½ cup beans – hot sauce – garlic pwdr – onion – bean sprouts – Tbs evoo – 50g mozzarelo
Snack: 7 almonds
Supper: smoked salmon – avocado – lettuce – red pepper – olives – sliced mushrooms
Snack:true whey + rest of milk


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hi everyone. i can't believe it's so quiet in here!!

have bought the book for my kindle and have been having a read. i've low-carbed in various ways before which has worked really well for me but then i really really miss fruit. so this looked like a good alternative as you can eat a lot of fruit in phase two by the looks of things. are the amounts restricted as long as you eat the ones on the list? this is something that wasn't mentioned in the book that i saw. i couldn't work out whether you could eat as much as you liked of the things on the 'allowed' lists for both phase 1 and phase 2. i am making the assumption that you can but can somebody point me in the right direction? thinking of maybe starting this next week.

one more thing. do you go into ketosis with the amounts of veg you are allowed? it doesn't look like you do but the large weight loss in phase 1 would suggest that you do?

abz xx


Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)

SBD isn't meant to be ketogenic - it's low GI, not low carb although starchy carbs and fruit are temporarily restricted at the beginning. As you said, the amount of veggies plus two cups of milk or yoghurt per day should ensure this. The big loss in phase 1 is initially a lot of water weight as the glycogen stored in your muscles is burned in the absence of many carbs - the associated water is also released. That's why they recommend the phased re-introduction of starchy carbs and fruit in phase 2, to minimise gain as the glycogen stores are replenished.

Regarding quantities - in phase 1 I ate as much as I needed to be satisfied of the listed foods, apart obviously from fats, nuts/seeds and milk/yoghurt, which are all listed with limits. This isn't Slimming World however and the book admits that although it doesn't recommend you count calories, calories do count, so be sensible about it. :)

The most important thing in both phases is not to skimp on the veggies! Minimum required is 1/2 cup (55g?) with breakfast (you can have V8 or tomato juice if you like) and 2 cups (225g?) with both lunch and dinner.

If you read the section about starting Phase 2, the Supercharged book gives guidance. I can't remember but it may be 1 starchy carb and 1 fruit serving per day for the first week, then a gradual increase in the second week until at the end you're having max 3 of each per day which is how you should then carry on. The milk/yoghurt allowance is then 'up to' three cups per day. You should find that with the increased foods available you don't need to continue eating as much protein/cheese as you did in phase 1.

Personally I returned to calorie tracking as well a few weeks into phase 2, because I'm a snacker and it was getting a bit out of hand. Plenty of people don't need to do this to lose well though. :)

Good luck, I really enjoy SBD/low GI. Come visit us in the GI support forum if it gets lonely here. :)


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thank you so much. i didn't get the supercharged book as it looked like that relied a lot on exercise and although i do want to exercise alongside it may not be regular enough to include it in an eating plan, and i couldn't see amounts or restrictions in the book i got. unfortunately i discovered the kindle version isn't good for this because it's much more difficult to just flick back to bits you want to read again or find something you think you saw somewhere, ha. which is why i'm on here.

what about sugar free squash and fizzy drinks? are those allowed at all? i didn't see any mention at all, but i think i need to read the book again.

abz xx


Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)
LOL yes I know what you mean about the kindle version being difficult! If possible I would get a paper copy of the supercharged book - the diet information has been updated in a really helpful way based on all the feedback from the first book, so the info is much more clear. The exercise plan is a separate section and it's there as an optional added extra - you can still just do the diet. :) Also my copy is a UK edition which has metric measurements unlike the original book, and some new scrummy recipes too.

Supercharged says re drinks:

Phase 1 & 2: diet soft drinks permitted occasionally (preferably non caffeinated). Squash isn't specifically mentioned, so you'd have to use your discretion (obviously avoid any with sugar). It could possibly fall into the 75-100 calorie 'sweet treat' allowance for sugar-free products if the fruit content is low, as fruit juice is on the 'avoid' list.


plum x


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thanks plum, that's great. i might have to have a quick amazon trip shortly. but for now i think we have it covered. my husband is doing it with me (rather reluctantly) and has claimed to have been starving all day despite eating more than he usually would. so i think it's all in his head :D ha.

is there any kind of flavoured yoghurt you can have in phase one or just the fat free natural plain stuff?

abz xx


Paleo maintenance rocks!
S: 200lb C: 137lb G: 150lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 63lb(31.5%)
LOL! Funny how we're all different isn't it! My husband is a skinny runner type but he loves the SBD meals and I have to remind him to eat extra lest he get even skinnier!!

You can have plain or plain Greek fatfree yoghurt, I like mine with vanilla extract, sweetener (I have to use stevia as am sensitive to chemicals), and chopped toasted nuts from the nut allowance to liven it up a little bit! You could also use lemon essence or something. :) With the Greek you could also make tzatziki, yum yum yum.