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Just started yesterday!!


Hi guys,

New to all this, started cambridge yesterday, feeling the strain a little bit already, just watched big brother and Liam had to go into the diary room and eat a burger and chips and I was nearly drooling, then reality hit, NO FOOD!!! Help Surely it gets easier and you don't obsess about eating everything anyone mentions like you've never had it before, lol
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It does get much much easier so hang in there for just a few more days.



I can do this.
Hi, aftera few day's u'll feel a lot better and it get's easier so hang in.


Fed up of being fat
Hi Nicky,

Welcome aboard .... It does get easier (says me on 790 lol) I still think about food a fair bit and when my other half is eating ... sometimes I have been known to stare till he tells me off .. lol
Welcome aboard!

Its gets sooooo much easier. I found the first week ok as I was really determined but during weeks 2 & 3 had some rocky moments. Then week 4 onwards has been a breeze!

Good luck, you've made a great decision.
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Hi Princess

Welcome to CD! I am on day 7 and I can promise you it does get easier so hang in there!! It will be well worth it, keep reading all the posts you will find them so inspirational and everyone is so supportive.

Good luck, let us know how you are getting on.

Hi nicky

thought i would update you i have lost another 2 1bs this week but my cdc said i would be better going back to ssing for a while to shift a bit more lard ( well she didnt put it quite like that) so that were i'm heading for the next week or so, how are you getting on?
Hi, it really does get easier the longer you do it. Yesterday I was at a birthday party and was quite happy to sip a black coffee as the cakes were going round.Never thought I'd ever pass up a cake let alone not feel bothered at all. Mind you the first couple of weeks were hard and I felt very unsettled not eating. Keep going and you'll have a lovely suprise on your first weigh in.
Hiya Princess FA and welcome.
I'm only on day 3 and it's not easy (understatement of the year there!) I am hungry and headachey and have quite fallen out with soup:sigh:! But I keep telling myself being fat - and one day maybe diabetic and arthritic as a consequence - is worse. Everyone says it gets easier so here's to it! Good luck with your first week :)bestest,
Hiya princess and good luck with your diet i'm on day 9 today but im on the 1200 plan so not as hard as you lot who are SSing. The people on here are really wonderful and always ready to give a helping hand if they can. Just keep glugging that water to keep hunger at bay and you'll soon be on your way :)

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

And welcome to minimins, this is a great place to be & you'll be in good hands. Everyone here are amazing & will give you loads of advice & plenty of support. One big piece of advice when you start CD loads of water :tear_drop:, the saying is "the more you drink the more you shrink" & it is so true. the first week is always the hardest, it does get easier....honest!. Good luck with your weight loss journey!!!!

I look forward to reading your posts & hearing you shrink, good luck!....xxx
Hi again guys,

Thanks for your great replies, I've stated my 3rd week on saturday and I have to admit I'm breezing through it now. The 2nd week was a crueler, I thought I would kill someone if they ate something infront of me but I'm doing great now, eat away!!! I'm actually starting to look at food in a whole new light, when I see someone eating a bag of crisps I think "you don't even need those", I shock myself with my thoughts, LOL My weight loss has slowed down a bit but you can't expect miracles like the 1st week to happen every week. Anyway, thanks again and everyone keep up the good work!! Oh and if your just starting a diet, just keep coming here, it fills you with hope when you think your about to lose the plot, LMAO!!!

chins up xx Nic xx

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