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Just starting out - please help!

Hi everyone,

Well I am just starting on Slimming World from yesterday and I haven't ever used forums before either so 2 firsts for me as I have never tried a proper diet plan before. I am not going to meetings so am using this site for help, I have been reading posts on here for weeks and it's all the success I read on here that has convinced me to go for it.
I have a lot of weight to lose and am going to start back at the gym too, I know its going to take me a lot of time but I am so ready to do this now!

Would love to talk to people similar to me and get some great ideas on here, I hope I am doing everything right with what I am eating!

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Hi Nikki,
I'm in the same situation as you!
I've been following the Slimming World Plan for nearly 4 weeks and so far I've lost a stone! I've still got a lot to lose but I can't wait until it's gone for good!
I'd love to hear from you and keep up to date with your progress and maybe we can help and support eachother :) xx
I definately need someone for support, I don't have the best will power sometimes!! A stone - thats amazing, think I might hire you as my personal weight loss coach! Well done for doing so well, I am going to weigh myself on Monday and see how I've got on, I am just hoping for a loss no matter how small. X
My will power is terrible! We have a lot of kids in the family so we have a treat jar in the kitchen, and it kills me to walk past it without grabbing something!! But every time I see a loss it gets a bit easier to keep myself motivated :)
Thanks! I'm shocked at how much I've lost already! Thats the right way to think about it! Any loss, no matter how small, is an achievement! It all adds up! :)
You'll have to let me know how you go on! x
Well your will power is going well for you so far! It took me hours to plan my food for this week so hoping I'm going to t more used to it as I carry on, making it worse for me that my other half isn't doing it with me so he still wants chips and fast food and all unhealthy things but 2 days and I have stuck to it 100% which doesn't sound much but is an acheivement for me!! Will let you know, do you go to a group? x
I know what an achievement 2 days is! The first few days were the hardest for me, it's just hard changing your habits with food, and it'll be even harder with your partner having different food!
No I don't go to a group either, I do my own weigh ins on a saturday :) x
Hi Kirsty, how did your WI go? I was so good sticking to plan all week but yesterday got home after work and no salad in the fridge so instead of going shopping (like I should have) I ate 3 crumpets for tea with low fat spread (I did syn them but just felt so bad for going off plan on my first week!) Jumped on the scales this morning (I know I shouldn't have) and says I have lost 4 pounds - this makes me very happy! Just hope that on Monday for my weigh in, I have still got a good result!!
Hi Nikki, my weigh in was okay, only 2lbs lost but it's still a loss!
I shouldn't have even lost that much with the amount of times I've cheated this week, I've been stress eating! Eek! But I'll have a strict week this week to hopefully cancel it out haha :)
I found that I weighed myself a few times in the first week which is a bit naughty, but I needed to see that it was working to keep myself motivated!
4 pounds is a fantastic loss so far! Keep it up hun! Let me know how your proper WI goes on Monday :) xx
Well done on your 2lbs Kirsty, all losses are fab!

So after saying how good I've been all week, I went out last night to the cinema, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, chocolate....

and all I had was a bottle of water! very proud of myself considering other half had a large popcorn and friends has large nachos and pic n mix each!

BUT then.....

We all went to a chinese Buffect restaurant!!!! (probably the worst place to go) I would love to say how well I behaved and how I ate healthy options...but..

a plate full of vegetable rice, sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken and chips is definatley not good, I found it so hard as all my friends piled their plates up 2/3 times and I gave in and had all of the above followed by a chocolate fountain :(

Feel so bad this morning, weigh in tomorrow may not be as good as I had hoped now, but still must keep going and make sure I behave from now on!
Hi Hannah

On my first week at the mo so not finding it a problem not going to a group as I have no weigh ins yet! I am hoping that reading stuff and talking to people on this site will be motivation enough! How long have you been on the SW plan?
A very naughty saturday means being super good on Sunday!

So after going slightly off track yesterday, this morning I have had a HUGE bowl of apple,pear,strawberry,grapes,pineapple and plums with a muler light

Off to work now so have just eaten 2 ryvita with extra light cheese spread

Plan for tea is salad (lettuce, sweetcorn, peppers, cucumber, celery, white cabbage, cress) with a few boiled potatoes - already made for when I get in so I'm not tempted by anything else.

Did my food shopping this morning, only bought healthy food, bought natural yoghurt, fat free fromage frais and quark - never tried before but am guna try :S

Weigh in the morning and just hope I have lost something to keep me motivated to carry on!
HI Nikki

Are you making notes of what did you have the other days? it helps a lot! you can calculate your sins and trust me somethimes you think it was a bad day but really it was 100% Read through girls diaries and you will see that mostly everyone is having take aways and they are going out, having fun....the best thing is to plan it and check if you go over! and if you did...do not panic! best wishes xxx


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hi all im starting sw tomorrow (again lol) so if i can offer any help and support i will and any you could offer wud b great as im determined to do it this time xx
Thank you ladies, feel better after today and being so good today, I'm suprised at myself for enjoying this and feeling so good, less tired and more energy after just one week! Proves that its not a fad diet and it does work! Nervous for my WI tomorrow :(

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