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Just stopping bye to say hi!


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PS raised £150 doing Race for Life my link still working if you want to still sponsor me! My pics on facebook if u fancy a butchers! x


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Well done for doing race for life honey!

Good to see you back on here! Iv seen yer TT pics ... and i am very jealous :( lol x


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Nice to 'see' you Rach. I heard TT were FAB!

Well done on the Race for Life too xx


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Thanks gals! U all had a nice weekend? x Mine has been so chilled...almost don't know what to do with myself! :D x


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Glad you're chilled!

I worked last night & am on again tonight but had to get up early today to go to DH's grandson's birthday party. I feel quite ill actually .. :eek: I think it might be because I drank nearly a whole 2lt bottle of sparkling water while I was there (in about 2hrs) I had a small glass of wine when I first got there and wanted more so I kept knocking back the water to stop me having any. I've had a terrible headache - easing a bit now but I felt really rough.
I'm wondering if it's that 'drinking too much too quickly' thing I've heard about on here. It's not nice anyway, whatever it was.

Hoping everyone else is well and enjoying the lovely weather :) xx


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I too am working Rachel, got to keep Jan company and keep her off that wine. Jan, the headache is probably caused by drinking early after a nightshift and not much sleep. Hope its cleared now.

Hi all!

just wanted to wave hi to you all and hope you are all doing well!
Haven't been on much this week, road trip to Manchester to see TT which was amazing day. Good to see you doing well tanya!
lots of Love
Hi Rachel
Glad you enjoyed the concert, heard it was a real showcase. The only problem for me what trying to dodge the traffic trying to get home


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I too am working Rachel, got to keep Jan company and keep her off that wine. Jan, the headache is probably caused by drinking early after a nightshift and not much sleep. Hope its cleared now.
You might be right but it's hard to believe the small amount I had would have made me feel so awful!
There was a bit of tension around as well I suppose. DH's ex was there and we have a very 'cheesey grin to the face and stab in the back' sort of relationship.
I felt good though because I was showing off the new figure - while she's still got her old one .... meeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooowwwwwww!!! ;) :) xx

BTW - Feeling much better than I did thanks x
Hahaha, know the catty feeling..........good on you girl, I hope you danced around showing that beautiful new figure - Go Jan, Go Jan....lol.


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Hmmm - not danced exactly ... more 'swanned' ;)

It did do wonders for the ego I have to say - she is 11 yrs older than me (so 65) and V V overweight and haggard but thinks she's God's gift. And step-daughter's mother-in-law didnt recognise me.
All I need to do now is get rid of the horrendous bags under the eyes!! ;) :) xx



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Ooo - I wouldn't! Seen too much to put myself under the knife or an anaesthetic for anything that wasn't life threatening.
Each to their own though.

I only meant I needed more sleep by the 'bags' comment ;) x
LOL, I wasnt insinuating you needed it, lmao, I was referring to myself, but more my arms, seem a little wrinklier on top since losing weight.


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My arms and legs are shocking with loose skin! I'm just ignoring it - I don't think anyone cares what I look like and I'd rather it was like that than still full of blubber!! ;) x
I have started my exercises last week for the bingo wings. Imagine your back to the chair, and you sort of do backward sit ups, if you get what I mean haha, apparantelly 10-15 a day is all you need.


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know what u mean girls my boobs are like that, when I was bigger they were huge but firm. Now I'm still big but they are like saggy old teabags when i take my bra off - sorry too much information!! freya bras are miraculous though. best bras ever! x
Hot today huh...awful in my office! xx


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Must have a look at those bras .... the tea bag analogy works for me too! xx


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:eek: No good for me ...... my tea bags only fit in a B cup :( xx

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