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Just thinking what to do

So I was going to join SW for the first time last Tuesday but with the snow and everything it never happened. :( I was nervous but excited too.

Since then I've had a stressful week and I'm eating far far too much and the last thing I want is to be gaining weight! :eek:

So I've been having a think. Over the weekend I'm definitely going to try and fit in some exercise, even if it's just on the exercise bike. It always lifts my mood anyway. :)

I don't know if I understand the plan well enough to try and follow it so for the moment it's just basic healthy eating filling up on lots of fruit and veg (any better recommendations?).

Just wanted to write this down, make it concrete and ask for any tips you lovely lot may have.

And I hope I can make it there this Tuesday!

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One day at a time!
Good morning Littleone, couldn't leave you with no replies though it is early yet. I think increasing fruit and veg is a great idea. I'd add to that cut out any fat and sugar. Make up a bit pot of veg soup to snack on if you needs it. Do you have any frylight? If you do then treat yourself to sw potatoes, eggs, bacon and beans for breakfast - I find that if I have a good breakfast at the weekends the rest of the day is much easier. Also remember to drink plenty of water.....and good luck for Tuesday, not sure where you are but here in South East it's pouring with rain at the moment and helping to wash away the snow at last!
Morning Littleone, are you able to nip out and get the latest Slimming World magazine (perhaps you can buy it online?). It has some great recipes in and loads of inspirational stories. If you can stick to the recipes in the mag until you can join your local group then you will at least have started the plan.

You can also read the food diaries in this forum to see what sort of things you can eat.

Well done for taking the first step though.


Just doing it this time
well done on the positive note ! exercise - GREAT IDEA.

I get on my mini trampoline most nights whilst watching TV - hubby turns TV up and has gotten used to it.

I had a month where I did little mini trampolining - and Stayed the Same each week (OK I was eating more than I should too - so STS's were by the skin of my teeth) - the last week I have been mini trampolining AGAIN and have so far lost 2lb's - not officially but I'm a scale-a-holic and weigh myself every day too - no good telling me not to - because that is what I do and have done every day since being back on SW for the last 18 weeks.

Anyway, just wanted to advocate that YES exercise will make you feel better and will help with the weight loss too.

Good luck, let us know how you are doing.


Strutting her stuff
What should do is start your own food diary and write down what you are eating - then we can give you advice on what to do

You say you are eating too much but lots of people think that when the start SW - I eat a lot more than pre-SW but it is all good quality nutritional food instead of crap

And if you think you do not understand the plan then read these threads


Well done on taking the first step and deciding to join SW! I would just do some exercise and have a go of a few recipes from here to get you into the swing of things, then start officially when you join group.

Keep coming on here and read read read! Get yourself clued up ready for group where you can ask your consultant to clear anything up your confused about.
Oops i hit post too early!

Wanted to say welcome and good luck :D
Gosh thanks for the support and wonderful ideas! :D

I have the magazine and will have a look through that at the recipes, yeah.

So right about breakfast as well! I am exactly the same (start off bad and only get worse). I might try that brekkie. So do I just cook everything in frylight/grill? Is that right?

I must admit I didn't manage any exercise today. No excuses, I've just been lazy. Must do that tomorrow for sure.

I'll check out those links as well thank you. :)

Overall had a good day. 3 good size and healthy meals and yummy too!

I think I will start a food diary soon. And I think going to the class next week will be ok. My road is very snowy but once you get past the main road to where everything is it's pretty much fine.

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