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Hi there,
I just joined and am a bit confused as this site seems so huge...I hope to get some inspirations, motivation and advice from here. I was recently told by my GP that I will likely develop diabetes soon :cry:unless I lose weight, so I suppose it is the time to do so. I must say I hate all diets, or rather I hate the idea of starting one. I don't mind exercise, but eating certain stuff at certain times etc...I don't know. I have also heard that once you have finished your diet program you will get the weight back...so diets don't work in the long run? Or do they?
P.S: I am a complete computer naive; could someone kindly explain to me what do 'Tags' and 'Trackback' mean (below this box where I'm writing).
All the best for all of you!
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Hi Minnie,

Thought I would send you a quick reply - you have to find something that suits you other wise the diet/option will not work, I would recommend doing some research on all the diets you see mentionned on this site. How much weight have you got to lose? I personally came across this website when I was searching for a way to lose weight, I knew that I needed something to help me lose weight quickly as i lose motivation easily. Thats when I came across the cambridge diet which is a really strict diet but also based on a scientific way of losing weight - ketosis burning your stored fat. I was on this for 9 weeks and lost over 3 stone. Its an easy diet to follow as you only have 3 products a day (4 if you are over 5ft 8 i think) and the weight literally drops off you. Because you enter ketosis you have a brilliant feeling of well being and because you meet a counsellor once a week for a weigh it is easy to keep highly motivated. This works for me as I want to get the losing weight part behind me and then deal with changing my eating habits for the future. With the cambridge diet you also have maintenance stages to help you maintain the weight. As with any diet when you have lost the weight if you return to eating how you did before you are going to put the weight back on. I am going to restart the diet at the beginning of the new year. Just to mention as well there are many people on the cambridge diet part of this forum who have maintained there weight for years so in answer to your question deits can work in the long run.
The CD works for me but doesnt for others find something which appeals to you and then give it a go.

Good luck

PS I'm useless with computers dont know what the tags and trackback mean I just know how to read a post, reply and start a new thread.