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Just Wanted to say Hi ...


Determined to succeed ...
... and thank you for all the inspiring acheivements and comments.

I'm a newbie today and have coped with day one OK but I may be back to seek encouragement and support if that's OK with all you guys.

Thanks again and 'WOW' just look at all your success...
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hi there! im a newbie too, just started my lipotrim diet today and although im hungry, i feel ok! i have done this diet before and lost 3st in 4 months which was great, i then went on holiday and came back pregnant lol and use it as an excuse to basically eat whatever i wanted :-(
even when i was pregnant i knew i would do this diet again because it really worked for me. just gotta keep the weight off this time when ive reached my goal! good luck everyone :)


Determined to succeed ...
Oh wow - congrats on the babe and for coming back.

I too have the abiltiy to loose weight [56lb with Weight Wathchers 2008/09] but I've never been able to keep it off. I've never done this diet before so it's all new for me. I think in the past because it has taken so long I've just got bored and wanted to eat somethin nice. I'm hopeing this time to loose quickly so I still have some incentive and enthusiasm to learn how and what to eat and be able to maintain...

Have a good day tomorrow - I guess it's just one day at a time right now.
Well if u want to lose weight fast then this is the diet to be on wellcome and good luck . I can promise u it gets easier and you'll have some ups and downs but if you do 100% the pounds will drop off


Like a Renegade Master
Hello to both of you Ted E Bear and FancyFilly nice names btw well done for getting through day 1 and may day 2 fly by for you both
thanks for the encouragement guys!! today so far has been hard but at times im not too bad, although my daughters lunch smelt amazing lol
i know what you mean about wanting to lose the weight really quickly because i get bored of it all too, but when you see results quickly and start gettin compliments it really helps keep you on track. in truth, im a bit worried about bein left with wobbly loose skin so as it gets easier to exercise im gonna step that up too.
As for day two , i wich it would fly by electriclilac lol its draaaaaaaaaaaaaging lmao i went bed extra early last night because my belly was growling ha ha but as you say ted e bear, one day at a time!!
congrats on the weightloss so far peeps! especially electriclilac losing weight even though at a festival! were you not tempted to justgo crazy??! maybe thats my problem, no self control lol xx


Determined to succeed ...
Hi FancyF et al...

Glad to hear you are surviving day 2 - Sorry you had to prepare your daughters lunch - why does it always smell so much better when you know you can't join in ???. I'm fortunate that my son [22] works shifts so pretty much looks after himself foodwise. Also, I was hopeing to 'fly this diet in under the radar' until I feel more in control of it which should be possible as he flys to Scotland for a 2 week holiday on Monday. Why is it others try to kill you will kindness [not to mention food] when they know you shouldn't.

I don't want to speak too soon but I've felt OK with everything so far - havn't felt hungry etc but I know form other posts this will come.

Oh um, just one day at a time

Keep Strong...
Good luck to the both of you! The first week is the hardest but stick with it and you'll see the rewards on the scales :).
welcome to the forum, :) x

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