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Just weighed myself arghhh

When are you due to weigh in? My weight seems to flucctuate during the week, so I would try and avoid getting on the scales mid-week. Last week I stayed the same until a few days before I weighed in, but I lost 7lb in the end.

Have you been using all your syns and HEX's and drinking loads of water? x


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I am due to weigh in monday morning have been using all my healthy extra's and i drink water has i drink fruit teas a lot dreading monday
Have you used your syns as well?

I think you might be surpised on Monday. Your weight will flucctuate during the week naturally so you can only really compare when you weigh in at the same time on the same day. Try and stick to it over the weekend and dont get disheartened just yet.

Have you been doing red or green days? Have heard some people say red days are more effective for them. I'm doing Mix 2 Match, so wouldn't know.

Let us know how you get on.:)


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I have been eating my syns averaging for 6 up to 12 sometimes just depends on the day i only do green mostly cos i only eat fish so i juat use that has a healthy extra mostly i eat a lot of quorn too i always seem to be eating :D fruit and stuff
You can eat quorn on a red day I believe, so it may be something to try further down the line.

I am willing to bet you will have lost on Monday. I know its tempting, but try not to compare your weight mid week as natural flucctuations can make it look like you have not lost, or even lost more than your final reading will reflect at the weigh in. It's best only to look once a week if you can help it (I stuggle!)


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Hi Amber, Please try not to worry about Monday's weigh in you'll be suprised how much your weight goes up and down just throughout the day! I'm already 3lb heavier than I was yesterday and thats without any naughty treats! but I'm quite hopeful that come Tuesday I'll see a loss! They did a test last week in class and weighed one of the girls before and after a can of coke...there was half a pound difference! apparently a pint of water is a lb on the scales!

Just keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!!! :)


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Thanks everyone for all the kind words i feel a lot better now and its all thanks to you :D


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And I know it's difficult, but stop weighing yourself!


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And I know it's difficult, but stop weighing yourself!
Yes I know that's right and I vowed I wouldn't weigh myself every day which was what I got hooked into doing last time!! I started off okay at first and at my first weigh in on Monday as you'd see from my diary I had lost 5lbs very pleased with that. I knew it would drop from now on but thought if I could just lose 2lbs a week with the odd 1lb thrown in I'd be really chuffed. Well I weighed myself yesterday and found I'd lost a 2lbs (reached half a stone) so was really pleased that I'd make the 2lbs on Monday. Like a fool I weighed myself today and found I'd put a lb back on! There's no reason why that has happened, but if I hadn't had weighed myself I wouldn't have known and run the risk of demoralising myself :(. Not going to weigh myself now until Monday and keeping my fingers crossed.