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K8te's 1st ever diary


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Well this is my first ever diary i have done, and quite excited by the fact it may well keep me on track! I went shopping today to stock up for my food on induction and really looking forward to starting tomorrow. I havent weighed myself, i think i may just go by clothes size, i get a bit obsessive with scales well not too bad but it is a daily routine, awake, wee and weigh! I'll will keep this up and put down all the food & drink i have in the day, so good luck to me and to everyone else x x
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Well done starting your diary....and good luck:)


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Welcome K8te

Look forward to hearing how you get on :)


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Good luck K8te!! Keep us posted :)
Hi K8te and welcome to Atkins and our super busy forum :D


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Hey hi everyone and thanks for the welcome. Well 1st day nearly over, spent last night dreaming of oopies rolls? Is that what they are called?? Well started the day with a lovely coffee with a dash of double cream, then scrambled eggs with mushrooms, again eggs made with cream. Then went to the cinema so had a bottle of coke zero, no lunch as was at cinema so got home and had some cooked pork loin, whilst i sorted the pony out. And now for dinner, well what can i say, maybe not aloud on induction but it was heaven! Spinach, mushrooms, tomato, doner meat with a dollop of mayo ~ WOW~ yummy, like really???? Drank couple of litres of water also. Here's to day 2 x x x


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Hi Kate welcome to diaries and atkins. I love donner meat! Day 2 only? Good for you, keep it up x


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Day 2 all was good, was starting to think in the evening, is this way of eating actually going to let me lose weight,as its so different from anything else?? I think it was my carb monster and he wanted a jaffa cake, he didnt get it! I just read through some diaries last night to keep myself focused.

Brunch - Scrambled egg, mushrooms, bacon, coffee & cream

Dinner - Lettuce, 1 tomato, mayo, babybel, naughtily kebab meat again :rolleyes:.

Water & coke zero.

Today will be a no kebab day, working a late shift so going to have breakfast & lunch before i go, and then have a roast when i get back, well half a roast loads of meat and veg~I love it!

have a good day everyone x


Clean green leafy machine
Sounds good - but try to get more leafy greens in there, K8te - spinach, cabbage (try it steamed, then sauteed with bacon in butter mmm), fried kale, stir fried pak choi - although they have carbs they really help the weight loss, promise :D


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thanks for the advice, having loads of greens today with my roast chicken, and didnt want to steal the last of my rabbits spinach! So far today i have had bacon, fried egg & mushrooms and for lunch some cheese grated over a lovely chicken salad. Hopefully will see me through till i get home tonight x


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Morning, god thanks Jim. Got in last night to roast chicken, with skin = pure bliss, crackling, and the rest of my plate consisted of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower all steamed, it was lovely. just got in from riding my pony, and had 3 bits of bacon, fried tomato and some mattesson smoked sausage. Need to go shopping and get more bits in, hoping the farm over the road has some free range eggs today as they where shut yesterday.

Have to admit, i do feel a bit strange at the moment, it is like ketosis but i am not empty if that makes any sense?? i feel lighter, not sure if i am but i feel like i am ? Was even looking through my gym programme booklet to see when classes are on, and my lovely daddy has just offered to by me a super duper mountain bike so i can enjoy the new forest which is in my back yard on horseback and by bike, and find new paths to take my boy down!
When i was at work last night, i havent worked for a few works, it was noticed that i look slimmer, which was nice to hear, i had lost 17lb on exante before switching over, with a few days off in between, so gain some back, but was nice to hear a compliment. Anyway off out with the kids, going to the funfair, waltzer here i come! Have a good day everyone x x


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morning all :D Well didnt finished yesterday's menu, but lunch i had nothing as at the fair and they had no pork rolls :cry:so had a bottle of water, and when i got in had some left over crackling whilst i sorted the pony out. Then for dinner i had steamed cauliflower and cabbage with butter, a babybel and an iceland chicken wrapped in bacon with cheese very tasty then some pork scratchings in the evening, so a very good day.

Onto today:

B - Bacon, mushrooms and 1 tomato
L - Tricky one as going to the cinema again so unsure?
D - Pork chops with spinach, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms

have a good day x x
Morning kate, sounds like a busy day then :)

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