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Kaitlyn's Diary

I thought I would keep a diary of my weight loss.

I have always been overweight, right from when I was a little girl. I didn't eat particularly much-according to my mum, my sister would eat like a pig, and I wouldn't (we were never well off-I remember realising this when I was a kid-can't remember how-but when we'd go to the shop as a kid with my mum, my sister would pester for sweets and I would often decline when mum finally gave in). I don't really know what caused me to gain weight.

When I was 15, I decided I no longer wanted to be a vet. I had been in cadets some time, and I remember an armed forces careers advisor coming in one night. I decided then that I wanted to be a nurse.

Part of the application process is a medical with an occupational health nurse, where immunisations and past medical history are discussed, a sight test is caried out, and you are weighed and measured. I wasn't sure how much I weighed-I knew it was too much, but not exactly how much. I was 18 1/2 stone. She told me I needed to lose weight. I knew that, but being told by a healthcare professional was not good. I decided then that I would lose weight.

I started uni the next month. There were no shops close enough to the school of healthcare to pop to in break. Vending achines were provided-chocolate, crisps and flapjacks. Like most people on the course, the weight piled on. Not only was there more of the wrong stuff to eat, but my exercise habts had changed. I used to walk the 2 miles each way to college every, only catching the bus if the weather was particularly bad, or, on one ocassion, the only shoes I could find in the house were stilletos, and walking that far in the was not the comfiest, so I got the bus home. Now, I was driving the 15 miles each way.

Throughout my couse, I would decided that I needed to lose weight. Always half heartedly, always unsucessfully.

I have finished uni now. I weighed 20 stone. I want to lose weight. I feel fit-I can out walk my friends, my family and my dog, swim far and fast and quite happily run if I need to. But I know if I feel like this now, I will feel much much better when I am at my target weight.

By my graduation next July, I will weigh not more than 12 stone. I will have a BMI of 23.5. My body will be toned.
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Good luck Kaitlyn.

I'm starting uni next month to do nursing and hope I don't fall into the 'keep snacking' trap - I'm hoping that the changes I make in the next month will help me.


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Hi Kaitlyn,

Congratulations on finishing Uni and all the best on your weight loss journey.

Be sure to take some before photos now and body measurements and set yourself mini goals which really help to focus the mind as thinking of your weight in one block can be overwhelming.

Reward yourself with non food treats as you tick of each mini goal.

Keep a mood board where you can stick pictures of role models, clothes, houses, holidays, exercise moves or sports you would like to do etc... that inspire you and they help you to visualize your future...fridge door comes in handy if you have not a notice board to stick things on.

Keep moving forward...

Love Mini xxx
Thank you for your support.

Caws, hopefully they'll be healthier options available at your uni. If not, get your student union or class rep or someone to fight for it. What branch are you going to study?

I'm not doing too well with this diary-2nd post in 4 days. Oops.

We went out Friday (after eating not an awful lot of terribly fatty party foods) and drank way too much-wine (a lot) cocktails (four glasses) coke (one glass). I was really hungover Saturday, and had a really rubbish diet-toast, fruit pots in their own juice, chocolate, biscuits (75cals each!) and soup (chicken and noodle-yum).

Sunday I wanted to go swimming first thing before all the kids get there-what is it with kids and getting in your way when you're trying to do lengths? I guess I used to get in peoples way. I was too tired Saturday night to want to get up early Sunday morning, so didn't go. More toast, more soup and more biscuits.

Monday I had some errands to run. I dropped my family off in a local town, and they wanted fish and chips. I was meant to meet up with them, but, fortunately, they were hungry and my errands took longer than I thought, so they went ahead without me. I had some soup when we got home (chicken and noodle again-my last can) and I had a salad (well, a tomato, some lettuce, chicken and cheese-I think I will have to get some salad stuff when I go shopping) for tea. Really fancied some grek yogurt and honey, but they didn't have the yogurt in the local shop.

Tuesday. I was going to go to aqua aerobics-I worked as a lifeguard for a bit, and had to lifeguard these sessions a few times and they looked so fun-but forgot about it til have way through. I will go next week. I had toast for breakfast, some soup I had suddenly decided to make Monday night, which was very nice-my version of minestrone but probably made wrong, and toast hwen I left the house about 6ish and when I came back about 11ish. And some chocolate in the monring (300cals) and the rest (about 3) of the biscuits (75cals each)

Today-toast for breakfast, salad (again tomato and lettuce, with some cheese and turkey) for lunch. And nothing bad today! Yay. I remembered a book we had a few years ago-it's a Rebok workout book and one of the workouts is aerobics. I used to do it regularly when I was about 15/16. it's good fun-I'm sure I saw the book in my room some time recently-I might dig it out and do it tonight.

My mini goals:
1-lose a total of 1 stone by the ed of the month (6lb to go) making me 19 stone
2-be 18 stone by mid October
3-16 stone by the new year
4-end of January be 15 stone 4 (BMI 29.8)
5-end of March be 13 stone
6-end of April be 12 stone 10 (BMI 24.8)
7-end of May be 12 stone
8-Remain at 12 stone and be toned for my graduation mid July

I will also increase my exercise:
1-I will walk my dog at least 2 miles a day
2-I will swim once a week
3-I will do aqua aerobics once a week
I'm feeling realy good this morning-I did a bit of gardening and in the sun (YAY) has since started to rain though-weird British weather. So now I'm trying to look for a job (and there aren't a lot). I did ring up someone though who is advertising in a nursing journal and they're sending me out an application form. I would really love a job in A & E, gynae, or sexual health but it seems so would everyone else-they are the ones which are practically never advertised. I would also like a job in research, but they are all down in London, and I don't want to move there.

I love my mum so much. Yesterday, she said I looked about 18, so have decided she is my favourite person in the whole world.

I was going to cook at lunchtime-I was going to make fishcakes, with some potatoes and sweetcorn, but we were out of eggs. So I had a cheese sandwich for lunch instead. I have gone 2 days without chocolate or without wanting chocolate (which is my weakness). So that's a big achievement. One year, when I was about 12, I made it my new years resolution to go without chocolate for a whole year. I made it to June (which I thought was pretty impressive) when my mum forgot, bought a Mars Bar, and it was sitting so temptingly in the kitchen. I ate it.

There was stuff about high maternal weight in pregnancy, obesity and childhood obesity in my nursing journal. Seems to be the in thing at the moment in healthcare.
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Caws, hopefully they'll be healthier options available at your uni. If not, get your student union or class rep or someone to fight for it. What branch are you going to study?
I'm planning to take lunch in with me when I need it (haven't seen a timetable yet)

I'm going to be doing Adult nursing.

Chocolate is one of my addictions too (I usually have some every day and haven't had any for 5 days now - must be a record !!)
I did adult too. Lunch wasn't so much of a bother-there was long enough to get lunch from somewhere. Breaks were not long enough to get away to get something decent to eat. I did go through a period of taking in a bunch of nice, healthy stuff for break (which was actually my breakfast) and for lunch, but then we went out on placement and I sort of broke the habit-and there is so much to carry I didn't have anywhere to put anything-I'd run into class with my bag (I love tiny handbags) have bits of my break poking up out of it, stuff balanced on my folder or tucked in my coat pocket. Anyway.

Still no chocolate for me-well done to you, too Caws, on the no chocolate. Let's see who can go the longest, should keep us motivated not to give in-I hate losing.

I cooked today. That's a big thing-I don't cook very often. I'm trying to learn, but I'm not very good at it. I made fishcakes for us all, did some boiled potatoes, sweetcorn, and, with the leftover egg from the fishcakes I did mum some scrambled eggs too. That was probably the most I've cooked at once.

I had Greek yogurt today. I really fancied some a few days ago but there wasn't any in the shop. Greek yogurt and honey. It's my alternative to chocolate I think.

I was looking on a site which will count calories for you, and work out how many calories you burn with certain activities. I would burn 11 calories a minute doing drill. I love drill. I'll perhaps have to put loads on the programme at cadets. Only problem is, I also like the shouting bit, but perhaps will have to have one of the cadets give the orders-I will join in the squad I think.

I'm going to weigh myself Sunday I think. I'm hoping I've lost a few pounds.


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Hi Kaitlyn

First a big hello and welcome. Congrats on finishing your study also.

I have read your post and think that your goals are very achieveable. I lost my first 15 kilos (I live in OZ and we work in metric) by walking 30 mins everyday before my breakfast and dinner. Each night I would do floor exercises just before I got into bed (10 mins), worked a treat. Then for the next 6 kilos I did the same, as I stopped and maintained the weight for about 6 months then put 2 kilos on so this prompted my to get back on the horse so to speak!

I then lost about 8 kilos by calorie counting and exercise over a 7 week period. Maintained it for 2 or 3 years and then started fulltime work, i'm a teacher, a small distance from home so the gym session dropped back, my dad passed away and I got a job at a brand new school (this required me living literally at the school).

Anyways last year I lost 13 kilos after gaining those 8 and some back over 3 years using a diet called Cohen's (blood tests etc.) and during my refeed I got sick and had to take steroids... so I gained about 6 kilos in a 2 week period and have been struggling since Jan to loose them.

I'm on day 3 now of re doing my old program and I've had about 5 days of very good eating. The weekends are the worst for me.

I look forward to reading your posts more often.

Hi Kaitlin,
I just wanted to welcome you to Minis and wish you all the best of luck on your weight loss journey.

I couldn't help but notice we're in a very similar situation. I have always had weight problems. I just finished uni (Modern Languages degree- not that it matters) and I piled on a lot of my weight during the 4 years I was there, a combination of bad food choices and no exercise. I have made hundreds of half hearted attempts to lose weight. Each one massively unsuccessful. I left weighing 21 stone.
I decided to make the positive changes that I need to make in my life, to lose weight and be fit and healthy. I think sometimes making that real decision and commiting to it is half the battle. I've been dieting on and off for several months (started in last semester at uni) and now I'm down to 19 stone. Right now I'm healthy eating, based heavily on GI and walking a lot - well 10,000 steps a day feels a lot compared to my previously sedentary lifestyle and my desk job. I'm losing my weight slowly, but surely, and most importantly healthily.

Are you on a specific diet or just healthy eating? Sounds like you like your exercise - thats good!!! I look forward to reading about your successes!
Good luck!



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Still no chocolate for me-well done to you, too Caws, on the no chocolate. Let's see who can go the longest, should keep us motivated not to give in-I hate losing.
Well you've won that then (although I've only just seen your post) as I was given 4 squares when I was out at a clients this afternoon.

I hadn't had any for 6 days though and won't have any more probably for the next 3 weeks at least (unless I get given a little treat again ;))
Hi Brenda. I'm hoping my goals are achieveable. I can't work to little goals-I thrive under pressure, so having bigger goals will, hopefully, give me more motivation. Well done for eating well the last few days-hopefully this weekend is going well too.

Silence, well done for losing 2 stone already. I think everyone in my class was putting on weight-everyone was complaining about the uniform trousers getting tighter. I'm just eating healthily and trying to do more exercise.

Caws-you may still win-I think I'm only on day 5 of having no chocolate. Although I don't particularly want any now. I went to Asda this morning with my nan, and I didn't even want to look at the chocolates. I normally quite enjoy the Asda Mars bars or caramel things, but buying them never even crossed my mind.

I weighed myself this morning, and there was no change in my weight. At least that's not a gain. This week, I want to lose 3lb, so next Sunday, I will be writing that I have weighed myself and am 3lb lighter.

That's not much of a diary entry, I guess, but it's all I can think of to write at the moment.


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Hi Silence, Caws and Kaitlyn

How are we all?

I've had a really tough time of late, a little depressed, today was particularly hard. To my credit I havent managed to eat much only breakfast and dinner, healthy choices but not what was on my plan.

Take care.



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Hi Silence, Caws and Kaitlyn

How are we all?

I've had a really tough time of late, a little depressed, today was particularly hard. To my credit I havent managed to eat much only breakfast and dinner, healthy choices but not what was on my plan.

Take care.

Sorry to hear that you had a tough day Bren. Don't be too hard on yourself - I'm not sure what plan you're following, but surely if you've made healthy choices then thats good.

Hopefully today has been better for you.
Wow, I've not posted for a week-I'm rubbish at this diary keeping. I've never kept a diary before for anything in my life (bar an appointments kind of diary). I guess I don't think of coming on here and writing about my achievements and feelings (not that I'm any good at writing about them).

Bren, hope you're feeling better now.

My diet's been ok over the past week (I think) bar one day when I went out to a carnival and had sausage and chips but that's ok-I didn't eat much else that day (I wasn't hungry) and we walked a lot. My dog's hurt his foot so he hasn't been out for a walk for a few days.

I weighed myself on Monday (on Sunday I forgot it was Sunday til after breakfast-too late then). I lost 1lb. Which is good. It's a loss. It's heading in the right direction. I'm looking forward to losing the next 4lb, which will mean I have less than 100lb to lose then :).

I haven't got round to measuring myself yet either, so that's my task to complete sometime this week. Then I will have something to see the weight loss from.

I'm still hunting for jobs-some of the people out of my class have jobs now. The area I'm looking at is growing and growing-I started off within just 10 miles, I'm now up to a 30 mile radius. I'm really excited about getting a job, and I think my personal statement thing is becoming better and better with each one I submit. I think the problem has been I haven't found the job I want. I've applied for a couple this afternoon, and they are jobs I want-they want someone who wants to improve the service provided, and I'm actually getting really excited atthe opportunity to do that. I love taking on challeneges. I hope they select me for interview.


is going to loose!

I'm doing much better now and have sorted or at least brought to the surface most of my issues. I have had a complete turn around with my diet and have been replacing breakfast and lunch with protein shakes and having a low cal, healthy dinner, 2 pieces of fruit and 3 ltrs of water. I've also exercised 3 time this week and off to the gym later today with hubby.

I'm going to measure in on Thursday's and missed last week because it was only 3 days into my new plan. So a little excited about this measure in! I dont use the scales anymore I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my earlier post?

I am also applying for jobs at the moment and have an interview this week which I am a little nervous about. Never mind.

Wow, 4 weeks since I've been on here (oops!)

Glad you're doing well, Bren. Hope the interview went well.
Caws, I guess you've started uni now? How's it going? Do you like it?

So, either I have a dodgy set of scales in the bathroom, or perhaps I'm gaining muscle or something, but I'm back up (post-breakfast) to 278lb. Anyway, as someon suggested ages ago, I'm measuring myself. Waist 117cm, hips 142cm, breasts 129cm, arm 44cm, thigh 74cm.

Anyway, I'm back on track now, and am intending to lose at least 2lb per week, with weigh ins now on a Wednesday.

I remembered reading about wrist circumfrences and frame size some time ago (in a half hearted weight loss attempt time). I found this website (Health Calculators not sure if I'm allowed to add links, sorry) which has a whole bunch of calculators on it. My wrist circumfrence suggests I have a small frame (hopefully I'll find it soon), my waist to hip ration is low risk (yay) but my body fat is high (no surprise there). All in all, I'm quite pleased with the results.

So, nothing on the job front nursing wise at the moment, but that's fine-I'm still waiting to here back from a few. I've applied for a couple of temporary non-nursing jobs, just so I actually have money to live on.

I have new goals now-I want to lose 11lb by the end of the month (and then I'll have less than 100lb to lose).
I don't know if it's me measuring inaccuratley, but I measured my waist (115), hips (141) and bust (130-but one measurement with a bra, the other without). Is it possible to lose almost an inch from the waist since Wednesday? Or is it more likely that I simply can't measure? I'm actually quite looking forward to weighing myself now. Wishing I was still going for a Sunday weigh in, though.

And I've cut down the amount of bread I eat and increased the amount of water I drink
I just measured myself-waist 114cm hips 137cm breasts 127cm. Either I can't measure, or I'm losing weight (let's hope its the latter). I've not weighed myself for a while (I just can't get in to the habit, and by the time I remember, it's about mid morning, and I've already had breakfast).

I'm feeling really pleased that the measure ments seem to be getting smaller, and hopefully, soon, it'll be noticeable.
I'm rubbish at keeping diaries and remembering to weigh myself and everything.

I finally remembered again today (just now, so definitely post-breakfast). I've lost 2lb. I've been meaning to weigh myself for the past fortnight or so, seeing as I spent a week away with cadets, and I always come back slimmer from that, but I just kept forgetting about it until the evening.

I really feel as though I'm not getting anywhere with this whole weight loss. I've lost a grand total of 4lb in about 3 months-which is pretty rubbish really. Although I really want to lose weight, I just don't seem to have motivated myself very well. I've practically cut out chocolate; I shared a bar with mum on Sunday and before that I can't even remember the last time I had chocolate. I went to my cousins little girls birthday party the weekend before last. I ate hardly any of the sweets (which is normally my favourite); I had a mini donught, a cup cake and a very small slice of birthday cake. I think I'm going to set myself teensy little goals of about 7lb at a time, and reward myself with something after losing 7lb. I am running out of books at the moment. I've read the first in the Shopaholic series, I think I shall have to start losing weight in order to buy the rest.

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