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Karens100DAYYS Slim World food diary.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Karens100dayys, 26 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Well I have decided to rejoin S/W tomorrow/tonight (we are up catching up on The 100).

    I have tried every other plan but know this works for me as long as I stick to it and don't throw a wobbly if I have a bad week.. 17 weeks til xmas so 14 weeks til euro Disney yay !! I have read as many diaries and everyone seems to eat lots less than what I was but having snacks in between, I have purposely not done a food shop this week yet as want to read a few more diaries and make a plan not so strict it freaks me out but will def get organised I have plenty of fruit and veg in as have a lovely fruit and veg hamper weekly...

    I am going to start in the morning and have brek,lunch and something light for tea as weigh in is 7.30 I cant not eat all day for a whole day a week or I will get no where so anyway this is the plan ....:D
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  3. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Well I only went and blooming done it I joined a new group and really enjoyed it its very quiet but still nice, it's also in my home town where I grew up I was pregnant at 15 so the shame brought on my 'angelic' family has never really gone its split the family from then on and my dad never spoke to me for the whole 5 months after I told them !! And in all honesty we don't talk at all now ....So going back to the places felt oddly liberating we are 27 years on now and I think most of the problems are in my head so onwards and downwards I now have a goal to aim for I set my first interim for 2 stone off I will reset once I have got there...

    I don't even feel like having a last supper I think I will just have some toast and go to bed x
  4. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Todays been a good day work was crazy busy tho, be glad to see the boss home tomorrow its been a long summer. a grey day not a hint of summer all day, have felt quite settled just starting back on the plan now all I have to do is stick at it...

    Week 1 day 1.
    Brek 1 weetabix milk 1 giant plum.
    Lunch small piece gammon, pots,carrots,broccoli, bisto. And an orange.
    Tea pasta n sauce and green beans.
    Snax alpen light, melon,banana.
    Syns packet sf gum 1,bisto 2,choc raisin 1, pct mcoys 6.5.
    Hea 280 ml 1% milk
    Heb 1 weetabix, 1 alpen light.

    Syns 10.5/15
    Syns 10.5/105.
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  5. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Supposed to be going out for the day today but noone is shifting so bah to wandering in the doom and gloom anyway...

    week1 day2.

    Brek-porridge will have some fruit in a bit.(milk was yesterdays hea)
    Lunch-turkey pieces and 2 asda bars
    Tea-swede sweet potato gammon boiled onions.
    Snax- orange
    Syns- 2 bars 7, cappuccino 4, bisto 2, bite pizza 3
    fluids- loads
    steps- crappy 4000 seem to be detoxing cant stay awake hopefully back to myself tomorrow.

    Had a fab day had a diet coke in mcdonalds and a bar got beat bowling lol and won in table hockey ...
    Last edited: 29 August 2014
  6. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Friday 29th August apparently the weather is due to improve shortly thank god, food wise has been a fab day apart from finally having food at 10.30 pm


    Brek- 4 ryvitas heb boiled eggs marg.2
    Lunch- liver onions swede and sweet potatoes and 2 tangerines.
    Tea- maggis chilli, sweet pot and pot chips, onions baked beans and lean steak chunks in chili, cuc onions and toms on side.
    snax- kitkat 5.5 syns, chewing gums 1, marg 2, and a banoffee cereal bar 3.5 -12/15

    Heb= ryvitas and, Hea milk and a baby bel .
    38.5/45 syns

    fluids good!!
    Another full day on plan drank loads but only barely getting 5 hours sleep a day which really isn't enough as I am napping in the afternoon be glad to get tomorrows night shift over with now and Nath back in school Monday. TOTM is all over the shop this last month I have been having craps really randomely I think its def diet related on and off diets is def no good for the body so need to make an effort to stick to it ....
  7. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far. I think a fruit and veg hamper is a great idea - I used to have one and have been thinking about getting one again.
  8. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Makes you more conscious of eating the healthy foods before they go off dont it lol.. Hiya and thanku you too I have completely restarted slim world so looking forward to adding on my shineys xx I will come find your diary for a nose x

    Saturday 30th August this morning has been a funny one once again hubbys alarm woke me at 5 and not been asleep again I will def go to bed for a few hours later tho as I am nights tonight, feel Like I could eat the fridge at the moment im on 7 syns already !! but do have syns over from earlier in the week ... I am not hungry I just want to eat !!
    green day
    Brek- 2 nimble, ex light phile and a muller toffee 1/2 and blueberries
    Lunch-mushrooms spring onions, scrambled egg and beans was awful to be honest but ate most of it. 1 spoon brown sauce 1
    Tea-sw chips, mushrooms 2 m+s sub rolls heb 2
    Syns-packet of walkers 6.5, yoghurt 0.5, sauce 1, 1/2 a packet of chewing gum 0.5, kitkat 5.5 14/15
    Snax-banana out shopping, orange in work and a tiny banana
    fluids-done ok but still not a lot of water.
    hea- milk but didnt drink it all
    heb- 2 nimble and 2 m+s subs

    Not a bad day but still not planning food I must sort this out!!
    Last edited: 31 August 2014
  9. Polly32

    Polly32 Full Member

    Hi I'm new to sw !
    Can you use left over milk from you hea the day before like you done on day 2.

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  10. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    I don't think your supposed too to be honest but I don't drink milk other than cereal or coffee and I hadnt had any other calcium so I just wing it as its the same cals just over different hours x
  11. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    WEEK 1 DAY 5
    RED DAY-

    Brunch 1.00ish- 2 m+s subs, bacon and mushrooms muller 1/2, and a few grapes
    Tea- butternut,onion,carrot,ham and paprika soup. with 1 m+s sub. also a ham and cuc sub to finish 2 heb's
    syns-pct of doritos- 10 syns, 2 mini tiny cakes literally are a teaspoon of mix and 4 haribos im counting 9.5 and half for yog..

    Not the best day but I am having that half way through week crisis I need to address this and cant wait for kids to go back tomorrow to get this picking sorted out !!

    Cals wise im fine tho will have soup and fruit if hungry later as have a soup maker full.

    My 26 year old had me go rescue a poor robin today half dead but still alive bless him I think hes been had by a cat as there are loads in our street so hope hes just stunned and comes around to fly away..
  12. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Well crowded house would be proud of Wales at the moment '4 seasons in 1 day' by damned... I had the elec blanket on going to bed last night, I got drowned going over the school this morning and I was sweaty betty doing second walk over school as it was blazing hot sun, bonkers!!

    Week 1 day 6..
    brek- 2 alpen lights
    lunch-shepherds pie mushy peas and sw gravy, twas gorgeous !!
    snack- nectarine
    supper-2 m+s subs, ham, cuc, toms and a bowl of free h/m soup and a small banana (really hungry)

    hea-1/2 milk and 1 baby bel
    heb-2 m+s subs
    snax-as above
    syns-doritos-10,kitkat 5.5,2 alpen lights 7- 22syns over but have some left over from week

    I have always always struggled with the night before weigh in so not binging has been really good for me whatever the scales will be will be tomorrow if I have only lost 2lb I will be fine with that as I wasn't really starting from scratch I was half and half on plan I have had a good week eating 90% healthily could have drunk more but I am getting there now fluids wise also clocking 9000 daily without really trying going to start on the bike on Wednesday..
  13. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    Hopefully you'll have a good loss. 9000 steps is great - I am aiming for 8000 and hit it about once a week at most. Whups.
  14. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    I really love walking but live on side of a mountain so walking down is fabulous but the thought of getting back up the mountain is like :yuk: so it really puts me off but I am going to really shift myself now back into walking now kids r back in school... I have actually been on plan 90% of this week maybe a little more im peeing like a blooming racehorse with all the fluids but don't feel like a huge loss is imminent as it usually does first week back im praying for A loss tho!!

    Week 1 day 7..
    Brek- muller 1/2 syn yog and 150g of berries 2.5 syns as had them in a smoothie was lush !!
    Lunch- h/m soup BNS carrot and onion and a lil ham. and a banana
    tea- sweet potato and sw chips worcester sauce and ham 3 syn rollx2=6,marg 1
    syns-fruit,2.5..roll 6...marg 1...hifi bar in sw 6, galaxy choc 11 26.5 syns
    snax-none really as it was weigh day.

    Syns were up but was well in cals wise so ok with today will need to prep food better for weigh day I think.
    Last edited: 3 September 2014
  15. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Well I only went n lost 7.5lb today I nearly fell off the scales, was absolutely starving by the time I got home tho !! I am going to try n do exactly the same next week write it all down in here stick to full syns and drink loads ...:D
  16. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    Fantastic! Well done hun that's a great result.
  17. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Thankyou Snow xxx Well I'm sneezing like a loony here can tell the sun is back for a few days. I am up and focussed on the week ahead enjoyed group last night my son had to come as Hubby was working and he loved it too but don't want it to be a regular thing I want an hour to myself it was loads busier yesterday and it's nice that a fair few go that are in his school kinda makes me more accountable in another part of my life if that makes sense..

    I am going to throw a few red days into it this week as most were e/e last week.

    Week 2 day 1.
    Brek- 2 weetabix and an apple.
    Lunch- Prepped out of freezer cowboy pie, an orange.
    snack- muller yog and a pear.
    Tea- beans on toast . nectarine
    syns-doritos 10, kitkat 5, hifi 6, 2 ww bread 4, marg 1
    fluids-1lt weak squash, 1 litre water a pepsi and 4 coffees
    steps-limited as working and also hubby in work .

    In a horrid picky mood and haven't a clue why unless it is cos im sooooooo tired bed after 1 last night up at 6 then work, football club, slim world made tea after putting Nath to bed actually sat down to relax and eat my tea at 9.45 last night, bed at 12ish last night up at 6 for work and zonked already I think I may have a soak in the bath in a mo to save my day... and def an early night..
    Last edited: 3 September 2014
  18. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Morning lovely people xxToday I feel better had a fab nights sleep for a change so a quick diary on here and have a good clean through...

    Hea-Milk in coffees
    Heb-hifi bar
    Brek-hifi an apple and a nectarine
    Lunch-jacket potato and tuna mayo and salad or maybe beans
    Tea-chicken sprouts cabbage carrots green beans pots roasties and cauli gravy
    fluids-1lt so far
    ex-school run walked to shops and wandered round home bargains for hour and now 2 hours cleaning

    RIGHT OFF !!!!!!
    Last edited: 4 September 2014
  19. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Don't think I've subsrcibed to diary number 4 yet lol I can't keep up with you woman! Where you been lately you've been very quiet x
  20. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    I am here had family crisis, gum abscess and a right off week but am on plan now :) lol
    Is this diary 4? lol

    Finally getting to sit down with a cuppa here after work I got kitkat and watermelon heaven !!! So going to have a catch up on diaries before I pick Nath up and clean the sty haha x
  21. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Foods for today ..

    Brek- Watermelon and a hifi
    snack- hifi and a small banana
    lunch- sweet potato jacket small tin tuna and a small tin spaghetti odd but lush!!
    snack- crisps 6, kitkat 5.5, 3 ryvita 4.5 syns 16/105
    tea soup or egg beans and chips
    hea 1/2 milk+ a small piece of cheese measured
    heb 2 hifi's.

    not a 100% day but a best I can do day I so struggle getting straight back on plan so happy with this ... tomorrow I am starting s/e for 6 days..

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