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  1. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Hello Girls and Guys

    I thought I would start a dairy also so I could track my progress.

    Here is a little about me

    My name is Kate
    I am 25 years old and 5 foot 5 I think! I am short lets just say that! I live in Kent. I got engaged this February to my better half Colin. We have been together nearly six years. I proposed to him!! Leap year !

    I started lipotrim on Saturday 30th June 2012 weighing in at 17 stone.

    I done it for five weeks and lost two stone. Then I done refeed for two weeks to the book. Then slightly went off track as I was on holiday. I put back on 6 lbs in four weeks. So it wasn't too bad.
    Weight 15 stone 6lbs

    Back on lipotrim 100% as of Monday 3rd September. Nearly done a full week and very proud of myself. Second time around I thought I would find it even harder but I have been lovin it so far which is strange I think. I am thinking positive all the time.

    Colin started lipotrim with me this time. I am very proud of him.

    I would like to stay on this the whole of September and October but refeed end of October maybe then it is my Birthday on the 7th November. I wanna do all this correctly. We shall see how it goes ! I would like to be 10 stone I think.

    I have my weigh in on Monday. So looking forward to that. I will update then on weight.

    This forum has been a great support to me and I love seeing and reading how everyone is getting on and it is inspiring for me.

    Thank you to everyone.

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  3. Sweet2Def

    Sweet2Def Member

    Hi Kate,

    Well done fore re-starting because I'm telling you something . . I couldn't manage a re-start. I went through HELL my first two days.
    Congratulations on the engagement, I thinks it's beautiful you proposed on leap year.
    We roughly have the same goals and I have a November birthday too so am trying to trim down for that big time as every birthday I have been unable to wear what I want.

    Good Luck for your weigh in tomorrow, if you're anything like me, you'll be really anxious lol

    Keep up the good work :D xx
  4. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thanks sweet2def. I was dreading it let me tell you but it wasn't as hard as the first time round.

    I shall let u know weight now Tomorrrow.

    I am lookin forward to it. Can't wait !!

    How much u wanna lose ?

  5. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Checking in for the day. Had a nine hour sleep. Fully rested. Cannot wait for weigh in tomorrow!! So excited! Going to have my shake in a min choco or vanilla not sure. I have started putting coffee in these ones now. There lovely ! Also have a cup of earl grey. A pint if water too. Greedy me!

    I bought some sparkling water yesterday. Lovely !

    I feel good. A whole week done.

  6. squishymcfatterson

    squishymcfatterson Likes to post frequently

    Ooh, we have the same weigh-in day! So excited for tomorrow evening. Looking forward to seeing your result too! My hubby did Lipotrim with me before we got married and it was a huge help. He's so supportive this time too because he knows what I'm going through! Well done so far.
  7. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thank you. Yeah I am well excited about tomorrow. I should be going in the afternoon after work.

    I really wanted to eat today. But didn't. Starting to think more of food now but got to get through it. I am feeling great and not bloated !! My tummy feels smaller !!

    Col is doing good today too. I think he's tummy has gone in bit too. We both going to get weight done together Tomorrrow bless us !!


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  8. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Feeling bad now :( want to eat. ;( I have been fine all week now this !! Nooooooo.
  9. Meddy

    Meddy Full Member

    Keep it up LadyKate25, sounds like you are doing great, i start my journey tomorrow but im glad to see you have done so well, think of your goal xxx
  10. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thanks meddy. Much appreciated. Day 8 today and weign in. Can't wait for later.my trousers are so loose think they will be falling off by next week !! Lol !! x Good luck for today Hun x
  11. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Weigh in day today can't wait ! Shall update u all when I know.

    I felt really ill last night couldn't sleep till after 2:30 am and got up at 5:15 am!! Thought I was gonna throw up had really bad taste in my mouth!!

    I feel good today! I was thinking bout food a lot last night but not today. I'm all good !

    Someone at work commented on my weight today and said I look like I have lost it. Couldn't believe it made my morning. Feel good now !!

    X hope everyone else is all good too X
  12. squishymcfatterson

    squishymcfatterson Likes to post frequently

    Aw, lovely start to the day! Hope the day goes quickly for you and glad you are feeling better.

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  13. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Feeling much better now thanks. But tired try to get to bed early me thinks! Home now just going to get sorted and off walking to the pharmacy. Excitement !!!

    Yeah well chuffed someone noticed. Xx
  14. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Just had our first weigh ins

    So happy!

    I have lost 12lbs !!!!!!!!!!

    Col has lost 14 and a half pound !!!!!!!!!!

    Chuffed ! Xxxx
  15. squishymcfatterson

    squishymcfatterson Likes to post frequently

    Oh my goodness Kate that is fantastic! Nearly a whole stone and your hubby lost over a stone! Well well done. I haven't lost anything near that, super jealous!! Waiting for hubby to get in from work, then off to chemist! X

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  16. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thank you !

    Goody. U got your one today havent u ? I started a thread Monday weigh In club in weekly weigh ins have a look.

    I am sure you will do good as well hun. A loss is loss. We can do this.

  17. squishymcfatterson

    squishymcfatterson Likes to post frequently

    Just posted over there! X

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  18. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

  19. Meddy

    Meddy Full Member

    wow LadyKate what fantastic results x and partner too x well done & keep up the good work x
  20. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thanks meddy. X we r so pleased.! Wanna keep going strong ! X how u doing ? X
  21. Meddy

    Meddy Full Member

    i am doing ok thanks, but i can not eat all day and then have some toast but my daughter finding it a little hard and shes not been at work today, i came home to a lovely clean house tho hahaha xx

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