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kazzy`s weekly weigh in


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nah doesnt put anyone to shame ill probably gain it all back the 2nd week lol


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what diet are you following


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yeah im not following a set plan im just cutting down and stopping snacking lol how are you finding it
OK, except today being father's day, was having lunch round his and it wasn't exactly healthy! Feeling a bit guilty now, time to break out the yoga DVD I think!

It's funny I thought I'd have more trouble stopping myself from eating when I'm alone. Instead I find I'm more likely to slip if I'm eating with other people.


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lol well good luck and dont feel guilty guilt is a negative energy think positive thoughts


Here for the Journey
Well done Kazzy - Amazing (hope your're keeping your nutrition right too)
Gem x
im having quite a varied diet so i think im keeping the nutrition ok i thin the small portions are making the main difference
week 2
no loss :mad: but then again no gain either:D dunno if its down to the fact ive come down with a rotten cold :( ahhh well theres always next week when my cold goes(i hope)
Aww Kazzy, but like you say, a maintain is far far better than a gain :)
Hope you feel better soon
Ali xx
it sure is ali and im trying to stay positive would be to easy to fall into old habits of " ive failed i cant do this" coz yes i bloody can and i bloody will and on the really plus side ive still not touched crisps lol
Yay for staying off the crisps :D I haven't had a packet of crisps since I started on the Xenical. What I do occasionally eat are the WW cheese puffs. A six pack of them lasts me about 6 weeks lol :D
a 6 pack would last me about 5 minutes im that bad with them no control when it comes to crisps,,,,, chocolate i can take it or leave it though so can have that as a treat


I know I can do it...
Kazzy - perhaps it's your body balancing out the weight loss from last week. Hope you're feeling better soon.


nearly there!! :)
heya, congrats on your weightloss the first week thats a brillant loss.
dont worry on staying the same though its you body adjusting dont worry x
im blaming my cold hehehehe i thought id be more depressed than i was but hey the body is a funny thing (especially when naked and wobbly) hehehehe

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