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KD's Contemplations. If you could take a pill............


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No, I don't think I would.........................The world today is not always a nice place to be and it is only going to get worse.................don't want to be around then..

OMG...I sound really sad...


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Only if all the people I love could too!
Especially my parents(if they could go backwards). Actually I would prefer a different age if thats ok. I think 45 is a nice age. For me that age meant less kid based responsibility, more financial stability and generally (but not always) a more relaxed attitude to how I look and what others think of me.

Sort that out then Karion! That would be great!
Couldnt Be 21 Again All Those Fall Outs With Friends Boyfreinds Ect The Hangovers No Sleep For 2 Days Nooooo Not 21 Quite Like To Be 30ish For The Rest Of My Life But Not Live For Ever Liked The Question It Has Got Me On Memery Lane Xxx


has started again!!
Live forever?? NO way.... I think that would be awful. I'd rather live a happy healthy, normal length life and then die peacefully.

Births, life and bereavements are what make us and shape us all; just imagine if no-one died and new babies were born all the time, the wars, the fighting, the misery...phew!!

(Sorry, just got me thinking, didnt mean to be a drag!!)

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