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Kebab meat


Slimming down the aisle
Even if it didn't kick you out of ketosis you can be certain it would really affect this week. Someone posted this week that they had one last friday and it didn't just bring down their loss, they put on 9lbs!! You just have to think about whether it's really worth it. 9lbs could be an extra 2 weeks of CD. Would you mind 2 extra weeks of this for a kebab? What about if you went to buy that kebab and then they put it through the till and asked for £85... would you pay? Because that's basically what you'd be doing! These weeks are expensive, so even if you don't mind the extra time, think about the extra cost. That's what I've started to do! I know it's hard but you have to push past this. You CAN push past this! Just think how much stronger it'll make you if you can get through without buying that kebab. Next time you get a craving you'll be stronger to resist. You can do resist, we all believe in you!!


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no no no no no no no no no no no no!
Please don't!
Even if it didn't, you would just want to eat and eat
Don't do it!


Donner meat is quite fatty - so calorific - would bring you out of ketosis,

Can have added onions and rusk - making it carby, bringing you out of ketosis

Ketosis isn't just about the carbs, calories affect it too.


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the diet isnt going to work if u keep giving into cravings, fight them xxx
There will always be things you crave on this diet-the more you resist the easier it gets.If you don't resist cravings now, what's going to stop you eating everything you crave and putting loads of weight on when you come off the diet?

miss jelly tot

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What about if you went to buy that kebab and then they put it through the till and asked for £85... would you pay?
Well put, thats so correct caroline.
No dont eat it, its not worth it ,look how far you have come.
Thanks for the posts. I had some bad personal news and my whole life will change next year or maybe before. It will be terrible at first but will get better. I always turn to food at them moments in my life and if I eat i end up bingeing terrible and mess up the diet.

This time I read the posts and decided to have some lettuce, cucumber and a tin of tuna on top with a squirt of basmatic vinegar and black pepper. It was good and filling but one thing that didn't happen was that I didn't continue eating.
So I am wondering when I have messed up in the past was it because I had the wrong thing that made me crave more.

I am not pleased that I ate but I am still in Ketosis this morning so I am wondering if I made the right choice. If I could eat that sorta meal now n then and keep losing I would be be over the moon.

I don't know whether to change to sole souce plus on Monday !

Does it slow down the losses much ?

Love u all and thanks for helping me through my bad moment xxxx


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Im sorry to hear you had bad news.. But just wanted to say well done you for going for the healthier option!!! thats fab.. and you have proved to yourself that you can do it! I am doing ss but I know there are alot of people that do ss+ and lose a good amount each week some even more than if you are doing ss...

Do what is good for you and if it means eating then you should because that way you will stick to it more.

Good luck and well done you x


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I did SS+ my first two weeks and lost 11lbs which I was delighted with. For me, it meant I could at least have something when I came in from work. It still works, so why not do it? If you know you can stop at the tuna/chicken/quorn stage and not eat more, I think it makes perfect sense. As Curly says, if it means you stick to the diet, why not? x
well done for not giving in to the Kebab!
I used to love them, and was horrified when I saw how much fat they contained...
Like curly and Ellie say, people do lose weight well on SS+ and different plans work for us all, it might be better for you to talk to your CDC and go that rpoute rather than being miserable on SS...
Just make sure though that if you do SS+ do it by the book! That way, you can still eat, but will get the same good losses you want to keep you motivated!
I'm sorry for your negative life changes right now, but... like you say, things do and will get better....
I went from having my own business and a 6 bed house 3 yrs ago to losing my business, my home and now my partner ... BUT... I also now have no debts, and am more settled than ever i was before... so every horrible thing that happens has a positive if you look hard enough!
Well done for not bingeing....



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I can't understand why anyone would want to eat a kebab - I always associate them with drunk blokes reeling out of the pubs looking for a snack. My OH brings them home very occasionally, and I have to leave the kitchen when he does - they smell so vile to start with! (I did pick the remains of one apart once to look at it - eek! :eek: The whole thing seemed so cheap and nasty somehow, the chips were thin and weedy and even the bottle of Coke had foreign writing all over it!)

I'm no angel myself though - these days I have to drive very fast past the Burger King drive-thru - I used to pop through there on my way home from shopping more often than I would ever admit to, lol! :eek:


You get chips in a kebab?

Ours (up here) are just kebab meat, salad and sauce. Oh and the bread.

I am of the few to eat one sober. Although I am also one of the few who was 15 and a half stone so.....
You get chips in a kebab?

Ours (up here) are just kebab meat, salad and sauce. Oh and the bread.

I am of the few to eat one sober. Although I am also one of the few who was 15 and a half stone so.....

Yep, me too (and pizza, and cheesey chips, and curry, fried rice and chips and................................


I used to work in a chippy (and later a chinese) and some of the concoctions peple would ask for were amazing. And surprisingly not that bad to try either.


can see the end in sight!
kebabs have never appealed to me either. It's always been sandwiches, cheese, pasta and lots of peanuts that were my weakness. And prawn toast at the Chinese!!


Do you know I loved prawn toast until I saw how it was made. My chinese does Chicken toast too.

I can put you off if you like?
Ooh, Lexie, put us off! x

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