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Keeping on the straight and narrow!

This is my attempt to keep to plan. If I have to write it all down I might think twice about eating it.

My reasons are probably the same as many of you, fed up of shopping at Evans, the threat of looming health problems, fed up of looking to see it you are the largest person in the room and wanting a bright future in control.

Im nearly 32 and have been overweight most of my life from the chubby child to the overweight teen and beyond. Ive done every diet and fad thats been out there and now its time to be realistic and accept that since I (at this moment in time) do not like exercise I have to control what I eat in order to have a healthy body that I can maintain.

I have been losing the same 3 stone for about 4 years, its time it went properly and took the rest with it.

Feel free to comment and kick me up the bum - I will need it.
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Today is hopefully going to be a good day. Having said that I havent planned and as I type this the two year old is climbing up my back. Just another day in the zoo!

Hex A - milk for tea - love tea
Hex B - not sure as Im trying to avoid wheat products as Im sure they are making me ill and bloated - coeliac diseases runs in the family my Uncle was diagnosed at 60!
Ok so I sorted the hex B I had 71g of semi dried apricot, very nice they were too. More than I thought tho.
Had raspberries and yoghurt for breakfast. Still had the nibbles so I had another muller.

However before breakfast I went shopping, fatal I know but still. Emptying the fridge meant that 6 cocktail sausages "jumped" into my mouth. I meant to have two not six.
So thats 6 syns so far today - not what I had planned but its salad for lunch so need to syn my salad cream.
Hi hun, dam those cocktail sausages, hehe. Where abouts in N Wales are you? I spend loads of time in Wrexham x
Thats where I live!!! Where on the border are you Louise?

Right I said I would faithfully record everything I ate so here goes....
Salad cream
3 plums
Lean pork
mixed veg
mashed potato
2 yorkshire puddings
3 roast potatoes
ice cream
a slice of Daim gluten free pie thing.

So today is officially a bust but onwards and down wards. Tomorrow is weigh in and I will be able to work out how things have been over the last fortnight. I didnt go to weigh in last week as I had been invited out for a pub meal and about the same time caught a tummy bug which had me puking my guts up for three days. Cannot claim the two things are connected but its a good chance!
Any loss will be a relief. I will do better when I get back to school, holidays play havoc on my routine and leave me near temptation too often.
So I have snuck on the scales for a pre WI WI. I dont like nasty suprises in public so I had a quick jump on the scales. Not overly impressed but still a small loss. Now to see what the real ones say!
The official scales say STS.
Food so far
Jackt potato
Spread in potato - 3syns
Lots of Raspberries
Cup of tea - milk from allowance

Tonight Im cooking the sweet and sour from the extra easy cook book and serving it with basmati rice - the in laws are round for tea and I want to cook something nice. Its 4 syns.

So I have 8 syns if I feel the need later.

Hope any one reading this is having a good day.
I need to clean the kitchen and get some school planning done. Results tomorrow and Im getting nervous and I didnt even sit the exams!!
Ta for that, a good idea. Have stripped the kitchen of most nibbly things and after the raspberries Im fairly full.

How are you?
Ta for that, a good idea. Have stripped the kitchen of most nibbly things and after the raspberries Im fairly full.

How are you?
Good good, I hope the cleaning is going well :) I'm alright thank you darling! A bit hungry and a bit sleepy, and a bit headachy as I'm sitting under my Velux windows that the rain insists on banging on!

Have a lovely time with the in-laws - if it's possible! :p

Hi hun, I live in Shrewsbury, but my other half lives in Acrefair / Ruabon, so I'm off there most of the time. I'm glad I've found someone on here who lives kind of near me. Yay.

Have fun with the inlaws x
Had fun with the in laws, they are lovely and fabulous babysitters to boot. Cooked the sweet and sour chicken from the meals for a fiver book. It tasted nice but not quite sweet or sour enough.

So the final tally of the day
sweet and sour chicken and rice - big portion, book says 4 syns but it was more like a portion and a half so probably 6 syns.
More tea
and 3 pots of yoghurt - I know its not ideal what with the sugar content etc but they are free and they arent ice lollies - not idea why I want to eat them all of a sudden but hey ho.

Oh sod it I forgot my HEXB!! Pooh! I find them hard to fit in at the moment since Im trying to be wheat free. Have had horrible undiagnosed rash on my legs for 18 months nothing the doc prescribed worked, my uncle took one look at it and said I get that when I eat gluten. He got diagnosed at 60. I have had a skin biopsy and bloods and they said its not coeliac disease but Im trying to cut it out anyway - cant harm me. So Hex Bs tend to be dried fruit, yippee!!NOT

Forgot to add up the syns, thats 9 for the day. May need the other 6 before bed but maybe not.
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just lost big long rant about eating chips at tea time after a good day. Upshot is, I ate them and a cornish pasty it was silly but I enjoyed them and if I feel guilty and that Ive ruined the week I will continue to eat crap. So Im not guilty just careless.
Tomorrow is another day.
Worked so hared yesterday morning I didnt eat breakfast until 11! Yesterday was a bit weird, hubby was out so it was just me and DD of 2 in the house. IT started really well, had a muller and green tea for breakfast, cleaned the kitchen cooked pasta bake for lunch and then the carb lethargy got me and I couldnt do anything then for ages. I knocked over DD's cup of milk into the carpet, she spilt her yoghurt and then the day went from bad to worse. Ate a handful of crisps and then didnt want them.
Had two merangue nests and yoghurt for 4 syns and lasgne and salad and garlic bread for tea.

I did go swimming last night tho!!
Better luck today!
Blooming heck hun, sounds like you had a right day of it yesterday, hehe - disaster house!! Good work with the swimming and well done on drawing a line under the pasty.

Why not write your food diary on here? Makes it feel easier for me as feel more in control.

Happy Thursday x
I do try to write down what I eat here but at the moment with the rush to get ready for school I eat on the hoof anf forget what i eat!
Am going to write it in a book and up date at the end of the day I think!
Been so busy the last few days I hardly remember what Ive been eating. Not good I know.
Am thinking of doing red days in order to portion control my carbs.
School starts on Wednesday so the routine can start and I should start losing weight. I know that sounds stupid but routine helps me. By the time half term comes round I should be fine.

Fingers crossed!
hi there, i think the lack of routine during holidays is a killer not to mention all the kids stuff in the house to keep my little darlings quiet!!i have always made them eat healthy home cooked food but there is always the odd treat laying round especially as the middle 1 has decided she wants to be a master baker!! i find red days good for planning (mostly easy same as kids just no spuds etc) but i'm giving EE a go at the moment! any way heres to good results for the 6 week term period when normality (kind of) returns!! :D
Most people cant wait for the summer hols to end so the kids go back to school and get a routine Im a teacher I only want to go back to keep my hand out of the biscuit tin!!
eek too busy to post and too busy to eat until 6pm must be going back to school time!
Have been trying to make sure I eat all my HEx B's this week but its a bit hard since Im trying to avoid wheat.

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