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Discussion in 'Exante' started by candy68, 30 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Hi everyone.

    Keeping regular seems to be a side effect to VLCD. I posted a question about this a few days ago and it was suggested I try a product called fibre clear. However, this has 9.5g of carbs and 0.5g sugar in each sachet. Wondering if this will effect ketois? Anyone got any good suggestions on this?

    Candy xx
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  3. eca08

    eca08 Member

    Hi Candy,

    We have to minimise carbs as much as possible to gain the maximum benefits of ketosis so almost 10g of extra carbs a day is going to take its toll!

    Why don't you try physillium (sp) husks!?
    You can get capsules from Holland and Barrett and they will get you moving (so to speak) with no carbs. You have to take them with quite a bit of water too so that will boost up your water count! Killing two birds with one stone!

    Erica xx
  4. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    If you drink plenty of water you shouldn't have too much trouble going to the toilet.
    If you do become constipated then dulcolax pico perles are fab and you can take between 1-4 depending on how 'bunged up' you are :)
    Just DONT go for the regular dulcolax.....there are horror stories about those on here!!
  5. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    The fibre clear I used throughout has 3 calories a serving. Sold by lipotrim and on line. Never stopped me losing weight and avoided constipation. You just need I find what suits you.
    Dulvolax pearls are gentle as BB says.
  6. ali28

    ali28 Silver Member

    Whatever you do - don't try movicol!! All I'll say is volcano :eek:

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