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Kel & Lou's Weight Loss Thread, Please Join In :-)


Back On CD.......
Hi Everyone, :D

Me & Lou have decided to do a joint thread as we have both re-started CD today..

So Everyone Welcome, Anyone with advice, tips, how you are feeling on CD today, any CD stories to tell, anything really, were all in the same boat, so come & join us...


Kel & Lou..

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:party0011:Yes, here we are again, we did this together last time and we found the support from each other invaluable.
We had days where it was really tough and we wanted to eat, but instead we texted each other and got support and it really, really helped. It was wonderful to know there was someone in exactly the same position!:vibes:positive vibes to all of you X

We are here together as a united force against the flab and that blooming annoying Chatter Box!!! :party0038:
so come on folks lets kick some ass.......and get this weight shifted, for once and for all!!!!!:angeldevil:

Lou X

Thanks Kel the thread looks and sounds great! XX:happy096:
Is it ok if i join in too girls? I start tomorrow, and havent done it before, so i think it soing to be a bit of a rollercoaster!

Lors x
Of course..the more the merrier!

Post in the morning and if we can help with anything(through our experiences, and not through expertese or training!) then let us know!

Good luck, this diet is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but alos one of the easiest!Food is taken out of the equation and makes it so much easier to cope as you have no choice but to say no!

Good luck and have a fab CD journey!

Lou XX
Hi Lou - i'm not going to be able to post probably until wednesday night, maybe thursday morning cos of the shifts i'm on this week :( Hell shifts as i lovingly call them - 8am til half 9 at night, this week tues wed and fri, and i tend to just be sleep and work and work and sleep when i'm on them!

But i'll send positive vibes your way if you send them mine!

L x


Back On CD.......
Hiya BigLors,

Welcome to Our gang, Feel sorry for you being on shifts. :(

Have came on here to try and occupy my mind as I am busting to go downstairs and raid the cupboards.. lol..

Good Luck on Starting CD, I know it's hard but so worth it, I love CD as it gives fast results, cant be doing with WW or Slimming World as losing just 1lb a week is no good to me..

Don't forget were here when you need us.

Thanks Kel. I'm really looking forward to it - is that bizarre? Who looks forward to dieting?!


Hi Lors and Kel.

Have just popped back on to say hi. I have just done my usual and nodded off on the sofa and was just wokedn by a man ringing about childminding....at 10.15pm!!! I must have sounded half cut...rather than just woken up!

Anyway at least falling aslepp sopped me going into the kitchen!!

Kel have you tried checking out the arcade? its wastes hours...honestly!!

Lors, just 'check in' when ever you can honey, you know where we are if you need us, good luck for your start tomorrow.

Right I am off to bed now:nightf:....but might just check out the arcade first LOL

Night night and well done on getting through day one Kelly....take it one day at a time and we will be there before we know it!:thankyou:
thanks for your support hon X
XXX LOu xx


Back On CD.......
I am off to bed soon, Just watching Kill It, Cook It, Eat It.

It's enough to put me off meat forever.. :(

Well Day 1 Nearly Over, Yippee!!!!!

Night Night Girlies..

Day two!

Well here we are and its the 2nd day for us!

Whooppee we survived a whole day on SS! Even though I really did feel like eating peanut butter on toast last night ....i was almost obsessed with it......think I am going to chuck the peanut butter as I am the only one who eats it and at least temptation is gone then!

I feel fab this am, I had a banana tetra for brekkie and a black coffee along with a litre of water, Have been at toddlers this am and have peed about 3 times already!!LOL Going to drink loads now as I am home till the school run later.

Well keep up the good work everyone.
Oh BTW got on the scales this am and the are reading a 4lb loss already!!! I love this diet!

Hugs Lou X
Day 2 for me too. yay!
I think you should chuck the peanut butter, get rid of the temptation!!;)

Well done on your loss already, do you weigh every day?
Hi Emmie!

Well done on your day two honey!!

I have just chucked the jar away....no more calling from that tonight!!

I do tend to i everyday, especailly in the first week, its a huge incentive, especially when you are finding it hard in the first days of no food.
Lovely to see real results for your effort!

I am Hungry at the moment, but the girls(I am a childminder) Have just had salmon,couscous, green beans and baby corn cobs for lunch and it smelt lovely!!!!Its bed time for them all in a bit, so I will sit and have a soup then.

I made a conscious note to myself this am to wear a skirt and not jeans....which makes life sooo much easier when you are weeing every 5 mins!!!LOLOh and cos its a long skirt I have very sexy knee highs on and not tights....so that makes life even easier!!!if you get my drift!
Anyway chat soon, keep going and keep drinkng the water

Lou X
Hello Lou,
I'm desperate to weigh myself buy i asked my partner to hide the scales :sigh: as i become a bit obbsessed with them, but i do get weighed tomorrow anyway so not too long to wait!!

Well done for resisting kids food, nightmare when your at home!
Keep at it, day 3 is on the horizen!!
ketosis fairy here!!!

Just had to let you all know..............I tested for ketosis about an hour ago and it was bright pink!!!!!!!!!! Whooppeee...already in ketosis in just over 24hrs...how cool is that!!!!!!!!
and no head aches or any major real hunger!! defo a bonus!:party0011:

bye for now XX


Back On CD.......
Hiya Girlies, :D

Just finished work. Well done Lou on getting into Ketosis so quick, thats fab.. I also weighed myself this morning & I have lost 3lb, which is a great incentive as I felt abit down yesterday..

I do the same Emmie Lou, weigh myself every day in the 1st week, mind you the last time I was on CD I was quite obsessed with the scales & weighed myself 'every day', not gonna do that this time, just once a week after this week.

I have lost 3lb, although thats quite good considering as I probably wont get into ketosis as I am having semi skimmed milk in my tea & coffee, thats the only thing that will get me thru CD, so I can live with maybe not losing as much as I would if I was in ketosis.

I did find yesterday that with just drinking 2 tetra's & 3.5 litres of water I felt quite sickly, does anyone find that some days?

Well will be back later, going to see how my e-bay items are doing!!

I am so addicted to E-bay it's quite SAD.. lol :bliss:


Hi. started again yesterday too. Need the support this time round. Not a lot of motivation cause not as much too loose. Lost 2.5 stone last christmas 2006 and maintained for a year give or take a few pounds. Then just said "sod it" at christmas! We all need a binge sometimes. Now feeling very crap and disgusted!:mad:
So....... weighing in at 11stone 4lb - first goal is to get to 10 stone 4lb then i will see. i am 5ft 7 and dont want to be skinny or have to work major hard at keeping my new weight.
Today i am starving! managed 1st day ok but forgot how many times you go to the loo!
Lots of support to everyone restarting.:)


Back On CD.......
Hi Lancs Lass,

A huge Welcome back, Well done on Maintaining Most of your weight, Thats a fantastic Achievement.

I know how you feel hun, I feel crap & disgusting although I would love to be at your current weight!! :D

I have just had some CD Crisps, I love them, better than soups as to much liquid food makes me feel sickly.

Keep posting to let us know how your getting on as were all here to support each other.

Be Good & Keep Glugging that water..

Hi girlies

Just a quick one before i head off to bed - cos i'm KNACKERED! - but wanted to let you know today went fine! Didnt feel hungry until i was driving home tonight, and i got home, had a shower, and then had a hot mint choc (my last pack of the day)! I even managed to drink 2.5L of water, and had a large mug of tea! Which may not sound much, but it more than my 4 pints min, and i'm crapola at drinking (can forget to drink at all some days!). But it also meant that when the afternoon hit i was grabbing the nearest work buddy, abandonning my patient to their care, and literally RUNNING to the loo every half hour! :D Bladder of a mouse....

But anyhoo, i hope everyone is ok, i'm sending big HUGS to you all! I'll try and post tomorrow after my second hell shift!

L x

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