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  1. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Hi everyone,

    Today is a massive day for me. Since June I have been doing the slim and save VLCD and I have gone from 13 stone 12 to 9 stone 9lb. I'm now a size 10/12 and feel brilliant however I cannot do this forever and so I have turned to Dukan for my refeed/maintenance.

    It's been so very very long that I have eaten anything other than chicken, salmon, ham, eggs or very few vegetables that I am really daunted by it all. It's scary. I'm very worried that I will put the weight back on, I don't ever want to be so overweight and miserable again. :-(

    BUT, on a lighter note I have always planned to do a dukan style refeed and then his consolidation (300 days for me!) and then stabilisation. The VLCD worked wonders for me but I feel dukan can be a lifelong way to eat sensibly.

    So after hours of convincing myself to start Dukan I made my first galette this morning, it was delicious and extremely filling (my stomach has shrunk SO much due to the vlcd). I had the galette 4 hours ago and I am still very full, I went for a long walk with my dog and I got fuller as I walked!

    I have so many questions and need so much help. I'm not going straight into conso as its just too much of a shock to my system, I'm going to have to gradually introduce bread, cheese (eeeeeks) and the celebration meals ( do you call them gala meals?)

    I went shipping yesterday and. Bought loads of things I think I could use chicken, lean steak, eggs, quark, squash, non fat yogurt if all kinds, oat bran, yeast (to make dukan bread) apples, broccoli, sugar free jelly, prawns, fish etc.

    Am I ok having onken vanilla yogurt or should I stick with ww toffee and vanilla - how many pots can I have a day?

    Ooh, also, rhubarb? Is that one of my allowed vegetables (I was planning on having it with dukan muffins and yogurt for breakfast!)

    I'm off to Asda now for some silicone moulds for bread and quiche things along with some more jellies and stuff.

    I have already had lots of pointers but if there is anything you could tell me about the plan with regards to shopping I would be very grateful.

    Thank you so much!

    Oh, here's my meals so far today

    Breakfast- sweet galette, small handful of goji berries.

    Snack - SF jelly, water coffee

    Snack - A taste of Dukan muffins I made!

    Snack- tomatoes with red onion and basil

    Lunch - Dukan quiche (made with cottage cheese, egg, spinach, butternut squash and red onion.) DELISH!

    Tea - chicken thighs in curry paste with natural yogurt and butternut squash

    Dessert - activia vanilla yogurt

    I can't quite believe how much I have eaten today!

    So that's it, my first day as a lady who does Dukan!
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  3. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Anybody there?

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  4. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Yes kell im hear, dont worry the Dukan will catch up with your New diary...will your shopping list sounds good only thing i can see is the hard core dukaneers will say no to your yogurt.and suggest natural yogurt with favoring good luck. Dukan has a great after care conso and the stab good luck xxx
  5. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Right, thank you! I got the yogurts on a whim whilst I wait for my dukan flavouring to arrive. I'll remember for future use (I know not to get fruit ones) I also got the last packet of frozen rhubarb from Asda (punches hand in air and shouts YESSS!)

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  6. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Love rhubarb....and im a rebel and eat mullar coffees and vanilla yoghuts. But i always said if my weight stalled i would stop.
  7. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    You crazy kid!

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  8. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

    Hi kel the menu looks good, I get rhubarb from farm food usually have tonnes of it available I have it with fromage frais or plain sweetened yogurt you can put it in muffins too, good luck on the re feed x
  9. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Thanks for your replies!

    Today's menu was :-

    Breakfast - dukan muffins, yogurt and rhubarb

    Lunch - dukan spinach and squash quiche + SF jelly

    Snack - dukan muffin

    Tea - homemade beef burgers with roasted squash and mustard with 0% yogurt

    Snack - non fat yogurt with sweetener and goji berries.

    Snack - rhubarb with sweetener

    3 litres water, 3 black teas, 2 decaff coffees and 2 glasses diet dandelion and burdock.

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  10. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Day 3

    Breakfast - muffins, yogurt, rhubarb

    Snack - leftover muffin

    Lunch - boiled eggs and ham, apple

    Tea - salmon, broccoli and cauli
    Natural yogurt with dessert

    Snack - rhubarb with sweetener

    3.5l water. Tea, coffee, sugar free cordial.

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  11. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    Hey there - I've swapped from VLCD too - however I've still got a lot of weight to get off. Your menu's look good so far but dont worry too much as you're not on the weight loss phase. Put things back in gradually and you'll soon be in the swing of it!

    How are you finding it so far??? :D
  12. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Hi Jellie,

    Which VLCD did you do? I thoroughly enjoyed the speed of my weight loss and the fact that I didn't have to think about food was brilliant. The dukan conso offers me structure that I need and want but it's only day 2. I'm wary of trying new foods but to be honest, after 5 and a bit months of barely anything to eat at all I feel guilty eating so much. I think the hardest part is working out what to eat for each meal and shopping for the stuff to put together as meals. I can do it easily for my family (habit) but this is all new!

    First PP day tomorrow too so I'm not sure how that will go?

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  13. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    I've done both Cambridge and slim n save this year but found it too hard to get back on it.... I always Fi.d new diets confusing to start. Still trying to get my head round it. Look at the menu thread fur advice and the recipe thread too. And don't feel guilty! :)
  14. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Yes thanks, that thread plus the Internet takes up most of my spare time (when I should be studying!)
    I only gained a lb and a half after 2 days 'normal' eating, hopefully this will be around my normal weight as I finally feel happy with my weight and size. I genuinely don't want to balls this up this time, that's what I'm afraid of :-(

    Thanks for your advice, do you have a diary on here?

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  15. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Also, how long have you been on dukan?

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  16. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Day 4 (first PP day)

    B - oat bran porridge

    L - Turkey rashers with fried eggs

    Tea - steak with mustard + 0% yogurt + piece of salmon

    Snack - yogurt with sweetener, slice of ham.

    3 litres water, Sf squash and tea/coffee through day.

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  17. Rachey01

    Rachey01 New Member

    Hi, how long have you been doing dukan? Which phase are you in? Looks like you're getting lots of variety! Congratulations on your weight loss :)
  18. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Hi Rachey,

    I only started on Sunday and I'm doing conso (sort of) hence the diary name! I started a VLCD in June and I got to goal weight on Sunday. Instead of doing the standard refeed I am doing the dukan PV every day for a few weeks to get my body used to food again. I'll see how it goes from there, it's all a big unknown to me at the minute and quite scary. After the first day of eating I was having nightmares, it's a huge change after so long living on so little. Dukan seems do-able for life though, I love the muffins and galettes and I can eat normal foods with my little family which is so important to me.

    So far I have gained a lb and a half but that's to be expected after coming off VLCD (they say to expect 4 or 5lbs). First official weigh in on Sunday but I sneak on every other day usually!

    Where are you on dukan? What's your story Mrs?!

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  19. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    Sorry, I am repeating myself a lot (will stop now!)

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  20. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    Hey kellmo - another day down! I've been doing (ish) Dukan for about three weeks. Started, then stopped (had to go away) started again and went out Friday (had weekend off) and started again this Monday! I was 15.11 now 15.6 so on a down trend. Will weigh again tomoz! Hope to get back down to 15.2 quite quickly as that's what I got down to last week. Anyhoo no outings planned for aaaaaages now. Can avoid naughties until nearly mid December!
  21. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    The protein day on conso is more limited than on the other parts of the diet. That means that oily fish isn't allowed. Just thought I'd mention! Also, make sure it's low fat ham.

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