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  1. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    I'm on my first day today. Feeling quite good.

    Breakfast - choc tetra
    Lunch - vanilla rice pudding
    Dinner - chicken and broccoli
    Afters- choc orange shake made warm

    Almost 3 litres of water done too.
    Got a lot to lose!
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  3. poko

    poko Full Member

    Well done on your first day Kelly! I also had the chocolate orange shake warm today..not sure I enjoyed it as much as I wanted to!

    Keep up the good work! X
  4. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Thank you. :) yeah when I smelt the choc orange warm I thought oooh Terry's choc orange lol tasted it.... Not so much lol. But I drank it through a straw and it helped fill me up.
  5. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Day 2;

    Breakfast - apple and cinnamon porridge
    Lunch - mint choc shake
    Dinner - chicken salad
    Afters - strawberry silk tetra

    2.5 litres water
  6. mrsmya2210

    mrsmya2210 Full Member

    Hi Kelly

    How are you? Im on day 2 also today... really need the support... was on Cambridge had a good loss but gave up after 6 week due to personal issues in my life at the time... back on it now.. im weighing in at the moment at 13.8 so I get weighed next saturday would b great to buddy up with u..? Lol could do with motivation and support.... will keep u posted on my loss.. how are u finding it... im ss on 3 mint choc shakes a day xx

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  7. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi ya. I'm doing good thank you how are you? Would love to buddy up. I get weighed on Thursday evenings, start of day 3 today.
    I am finding it ok, not enjoying watching other people eat carbs lol.
  8. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi ya. I'm doing good thank you how are you? Would love to buddy up! I get weighed every thurs evenings, so day 3 for me today. I love the choc mint shakes, I'll be getting more of then on Thursday. I'm doing ss+.. Couldn't not eat something lol

    Today's meals

    Breakfast - strawberry shake
    Lunch - vanilla rice pudding
    Dinner- chicken and salad
    Afters- tetra

    How are you finding things? I've done cambridge before years ago and gave up too quickly, this time I'm not giving up, I'm not being allowed to. I have incentives from my boyf and my dad to keep me going. :) x
  9. mrsmya2210

    mrsmya2210 Full Member

    Im good... its day 2 for me today... and yeah im on ss... wpuld love to do ss+ but get carried away.. im finding it a luttle hard purely because I have a little girl who is up around 11 which is ok but then I dont go to bed until like 1am due to my huby owning a restaurant and I wait up for him so after like 11pm im starving..
    I also like u have incentive... my huby has promised to give me a new wardrobe lol! And I go away to turkey on 28th of may! So really want to get three stones off... dont know if its possible in 9 weeks.. but gonna give it my all! Lol... let me know how u get on... also im having bad headaches. .. :mad::mad:

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  10. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Ok nearing end of day 3... It's been the toughest by far! Not hungry but cravings have been really strong today for chocolate. Managed to avoid it and go for a long bath instead and had my rice pudding instead of tetra. I'm bloody freezing. I wish I could have a cup of tea with sugar in lol.
  11. mrsmya2210

    mrsmya2210 Full Member

    Not long to go now... and well done for not having the chocolate lol... I am just starving and headaches r so severe! Im also freezing so ive had two mugs of green tea with mint... tastes of nothing! I just dont wanna give up... but im feeling so down and hungry!

    weight 13.8 target 9.7 to 10
    start date 22.03.14
    week 1 -
  12. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hello ladies, I totally understand where you are coming from. I am constantly starving on this, and have been since the morning of day 1 (im now on day 8). Everyone keeps telling me it gets easier so Im just waiting for that :) I must definitely be i ketosis otherwise I wouldnt be losing this weight, and my hands and feets are freezing all of the time too which is apparently a sign of ketosis, I also have the horrible taste in my mouth also, but I drink peppermint tea and that seems to help a lot with that.
    Keep up the water intake, as that is probably why you are getting the headaches.
    As for feeling hungry, my consultant told me to have something from SS+ which I did on about 4 days last week (180g tuna) as I hate feeling starving and I still lost 10lb, so there is always that option is you really are desperate :) good luck for your weigh ins!x
  13. mrsmya2210

    mrsmya2210 Full Member

    Hiiii... well done day 8!!!! Lol im on day 3 and like omg! Lol... and yes im hoping its gonna get easier coz I dont know how long I can feel this way lol... well done on ur loss... brilliant... cant wait for weigh in... ive been messaging a girl called daniellea I think lol... shes lost like so much weight and looks fab... shes helping me get through lol... and as for headaches I have 4 litres of water day but still not helping... but it will all b worth it in the end... and the way people on here inspire me hopefully then I will b a inspiration lol... will keep u posted on my loss.... also I have tried all products and me being me only like choc mint so its 3 choc mint a day seven times a week! Boring or what lol

    weight 13.8 target 9.7 to 10
    start date 22.03.14
    week 1 -
  14. X.loo.X

    X.loo.X New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you don't mind me jumping in - just started today on ss and can smell my mum cooking chilli con carne... I definitely won't be giving up I just need to feel distracted! I am a teacher so busy all day at work which I found really helped today I didn't feel hungry once, it's just the evenings that are difficult.

    i have done cambridge before and managed to lose two stone so I know I can do it, I just need to get back in to the routine! The winter months are always a slippery slope for me - especially Xmas I managed to put on a stone in December alone!

    How long did it take you all to feel 'used' to the diet? If that makes sense?

    This is my first time on a forum, I'm hoping this will give me more motivation!!

    :) Xx
  15. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Hi Everyone.
    On day 6 today, it feels like it's been the longest week ever lol. Weigh in tomorrow. Took before pics and took a pic this morning, I think I can see a difference...

  16. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    I know how you feel Kelly, every day seems to literally drag for me at the moment! I hate it!
    Im currently sat in my office surrounded by people who are eating lots of lovely things for lunch, grrrrr - my stomach is making all sorts of noises haha

    I can definitely see a difference in the 2 pics, thats amazing!! Have you any idea how much youve lost this week? Have you been weighing yourself at home at all or are you being good...? Im not, I weigh myself everyday :/ oopsie x
  17. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Awww having thats each day must be tough, as you dont have much variety but I tend to stick with what I know and love and it works for me :)
    Thank you, losing the weight makes the starvation a little more bearable :)
    Thats great you have someone who can motivate you and support you through this, I think thats what makes a big difference.
    Keep drinking the water and maybe take some painkillers? It should go soon enough, but if not speak to your consultant maybe?
    Yes please keep us updated and feel free to chat to us on here too for support, if you need it! and good luck with the rest of the week! stay strong!!x
  18. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    It seems you are a pro, losing 2 stone on this previously, how long did that take you and was it on SS?
    I am on day 10 at the moment and still not used to it, if Im honest, but it is easier than it was. For some reason Im not in ketosis and therefore Im starving literally all the time, and that drives me crazy but most others get into ketosis and are happy after the first few days.

    Good luck this week and keep chatting to us to get you through this. This forum is the only reason Ive lasted so long :) x
  19. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Lol I did next to people at work who sit there eating crisps and rubbish and it makes me jealous, but when my tummy grumbles it makes me think it's getting smaller! Lol
    I have been weighing myself every day but I don't want to take it as gospel as my scales could be diff to my consultants. X
  20. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    I totally agree with that, it might be worth weighing yourself before you go to get weighed and then see how different your scales are or if they are the same, that way you may be able to keep track of it during the week?
    Im quite lucky as my scales read the exact same number as my consultants so I know how Im getting on each day!
    People normally say other people can notice a difference between 1-1.5 stone loss and I can certainly see a loss in you already... :) cant wait to hear your results!x
  21. mrsmya2210

    mrsmya2210 Full Member

    Awwww thank you for ur supportive message... yes the headaches havent been too bad today. .. so hoping it stays this way lol.. cannot wait for weigh in!!! oh and il defo b on here for support lol its whats keeping me going right now... good luck to u too... n il try to stay strong and in control lol xx

    weight 13.8 target 9.7 to 10
    start date 22.03.14
    week 1 -
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