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kels own diet thing...wi in result

i really cant calculate correctly...


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Oh my gosh kels well done you! Thats amazing! Half a stone in a week when you're a good few weeks down the line is outstanding!

You're past the 200 mark now i always said as soon as i get back down past 200 i would go out and celebrate!

Wellllll donnneee! :D
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ayyeee im made up:p

anyway off topic...hows things with your gran atm?
is she comfortable?


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Well i went in on friday as on thursday they said she has badly deteriorated and they expect her to pass away within a day or so... but its monday now 4 days later and she's still alive although my mum and dad went in last night and said dont go in cos she's in a lot of pain now theyve given her diamorphine for pain relief but now her cancer has spread everywhere, to her lungs, stomach and liver as well as her original lymphoma and has a blood clot in both her legs and a bad chest infection now so i cant see her lasting past tomorrow.

Ive spoken to my tutor who's said to rearrange my exam today for the summer resits as its too emotional a time for me right to go and sit an exam would be silly, noway i would perform as well as i could do so im glad i haven't got to go sit an exam today anyway at least i can go see her as i have a feeling she wont last till tonight, its bad timing all round really as i have the next 2 weeks of exams and my nephews christening on sunday which is going to be hard knowing the day is missing his great gran but i personally will feel better once she's passed as right now its like a waiting game every morning thinking **** has there been a phonecall on the phone or a text off my aunties in the night so i think once she's finally gone there will be a bit of relief knowing shes not uncomfortable anymore and not in pain.

thanks for asking and sorry for that being so bloody long x
hey have its as long as you need. if you ever feel down and need someone to chat to we're all here

Oh dear Rae...I don't know what to say honey except my thoughts are with you, glad you don't have to do exam today no way you could concentrate on that. XX
Wow well done kels thats amazing!

Rae my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time hun xxx


Bring on the trumpets
Well done.....good result Kel

Rae sorry to hear about your sad time...my thoughts are with you and your family xxxxx


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Hi guys just had a phone call to say my nan finally passed at midnight tonight, she's in a better place with my grandad now so they can be together forever now she can finally rest in peace.
Rae I am so sorry for your loss. We went through something very similar with my nan last year and as hard as it was to lose her seeing her like she was all those months before she passed away was truly heartbreaking and in the end it was a relief for her to be out of pain. My thoughts are with you and your family hun take care xxx
So sorry for your loss Rae, but as you say she is in a beeter place now and out of pain, may she rest in peace. My thoughts are with you and your family X
So sorry Rae, she is in a better place. I know it'll be a difficult time for you & your family but take comfort from the fact that she is now at rest & pain free. Love & light to you & your family. XX
Awww rae, im so sorry to hear about your gran. like you said, she is at peace now with your grandad.

hope your okay hunny!


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