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Kerry's Daily Diary

Well I thought I would give doing a daily diary a go so here i am.
I am feeling good about going back to SS after my few 810 which really didn't work for me mentaly. So SS 100% all the way to goal, I am thinking is the way ahead and still fighting with my water but doing much better.
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Strong women stay slim
hi Kerry

so your going back ssing ... I know you will do well , you are almost at the end of your road now and you have give it everything to become a new person ... yes water in the winter its not as good as summer , but its in sight now your goal and hard work really does pay off as you have shown us !
your countdown has started ....
I have been back SSing since Monday all is ok so far but its only day 2 so lets see if I can get through the week without having a 810 meal in the eve I hope so, as you said I have come so far and the goal is in sight.


Strong women stay slim
yes you are strong and i'm sure your going to do well kerry
Evenings best to have a hot bath if you feel you are missing your meal , but I am pretty sure you will fight it !
Cheers hunny I am going on the wii fit when I am feeling hungry and that seems to be working day 3 tomorrow if i can get through that then back into k no probs
Day three of SS 100% and I am good which i was surprised about my head must be in the right place again phew, well the water is going ok could get a bit more down me but hey ho. I am doing 1 hr a day on the wii fit at the moment and loving it, I am taking it easy as I am on SS so yoga and muscle workouts for me.


Strong women stay slim
hi Kerry ... my daughter got a wii yesterday black one , so she is on the games , and my sister has the wii fit , all good fun and you are doing so well your battle is coming to an end which i know how well you've done . how are things ?
Hi all I have been away in dublin since Friday it was my nephews christening and managed to stay SS 100% which is always hard work, the Irish like to feed visitors but they were lovely about it and made sure I have stuff to make my shakes and soups bless em.
I got loads of lovely comments and felt great in my dress for a change.

So all in all I am doing great I have my WI tomorrow I will be gutted if its not good after not eating the lovely food at the party. I can feel my goal getting closer I really never thought I would make it, I find it hard to believe I have lost 5 stone already.

I am really looking forward to CDC training on the 9th of dec.


Strong women stay slim
Kerry there is no stopping you .... To say no to the food proves that ... and 5 stone gone ... I bet you got lots of lovely Compliment's , but i know its still hard but you have almost broke the camels back hehe Glad you had a good time in Dublin too !
Just got back from WI and 3.7lbs gone phew I am starting to feel like its down hill from now on hope it stays that way.

Maybe you can ask santa for a wii fit Jax thanks again for your lovely comments I did have a great time and the compliments were great.
well another day I am feeling really focused still which is good i hope it sticks around, I have started drinking herbal tea 1. to keep me warm and 2. to try and get more water in me and ok it doesn't taste that great but its bearable. Hubby is away this week till friday so that gives my loads of wii time got to get toning these deflated legs, bums and tums and my bingo wings, but I am happy for them to be here as a sign of weight loss. O am going to start saving so I can get my boob reinflated lol.
here we are it is wednesday a week today and I will be on the CDC training day woohoo. I wasn't so sure when my CDC said she thought i would be good at it but filled out the forms but as teh weeks have gone on I have been thinking this could really be my thing and I am now really excited.
Diet wise still plodding along with SS I have been drinking my water and herbal teas so fingers crossed again this week as I have my monthly visitor great.


Strong women stay slim
Kerry ... it will be exciting meeting people and I know you will give them some good advice and surrport along their way to becoming thinner !
also you have done it yourself and you know how they feel and you will do well .
Hows the wii fit going ?
Well the training day was fab I can't wait to be up and running.
I have been so focused on being at goal by christmas that its was getting to me a bit so I am easing up on myself and i am not going to do it by christmas and its not the end of the world. I am going to keep going and in the new year I have decided that I want to lose a bit more than my original goal so that means i need to lose 2 stone not just 1 in the new year but I can do it bring on 2010.
I am hoping for jan start get all the new year starters
its a really good day I have a few worries about becoming a CDC and they cleared it all up, good luck hunny you will be great x

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