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I all ,
Was wondering if any of yeah have any advice , tomorrow is my 4 th weigh in and going by my own scales I will be lucky to be down 2 lb, this I can't understand as I was tfr all week , the only diff is I used my vibroplate 3 times this week . Also I am constipated again , sorry tmi. The ketone stix are registering the darkest purple . Any advice . I no I shouldn't but I always get wound up about weigh ins . Maybe it's due to very bad experiences with all the other diets ..
Thank you all
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Sometimes I only loose 2lbs..but u could have lost more and it's jus water retention I always weigh myself first thing b4 I drink anything..know I'm not much use :) but it could add up on next weeks weigh in try not 2 let it get to u and jus think on average a stone a month xx


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Put the sticks in the bin!!!! If youre sticking to the plan youre in ketosis end of story. The colour doesnt matter, someone posted a fab post about this the other day, which Ill try and find.

Some weeks, even on TFR you can have a bad week, a lot of people have sts weeks, Ive had a few 2lb weeks and theyre disheartening but over the month it evens out.

Stick with your pharmacy scales too sneaky wis are a bad idea

I bet youre pleasantly surprised tomorrow x


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Found it...

Ketone Sticks (Ketostix) - What the colours mean
When I bought my Ketone Strips recently, I was provided with a leaflet explaining about Ketosis and the different colours. I thought I would share as I know there has been some confusion...

Ketone Strips are used for Urinalysis of Ketones (Acetoacetic Acid). Ketostix provides a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence and concentration of Ketones.

1) A colour change means you are excreting ketones, burning fat and are in Ketosis but it is wise to remember that it is possible to be in Ketosis and NOT lose or even to gain weight. While a positive test means you are burning fat as your promary fuel it does not necessarily mean you are losing weight. If you eat ecessively some fuel will be used by your bady, some will be excreted (making the stick positive) and some will be retained (and stored as fat).

2) The degree of colour chage is NOT important with respect to identifying ketosis - you are either in ketosis or not, the sticks do not accurately measure degree in all people. Different people get different colours and this is completely unrelated to either their degree of weightloss or their adherance to the plan.

3) No colour change does not necessarily mean you are not in ketosis. Some people never see a change. No change just means that the sticks are detecting none of the specific ketones for which it checks in the Urine.

4) A dark colour many indicate that you are dehydrated however, a dark colour may just be normal for you. If you are drinking enough water and it is still dark, do not overload on water as it is probably your normal colour and too much water can be harmful.

So in Summary:

You are either in Ketosis or not - it does not matter what the colours say..

Dark colours are not dangerous and could be your natural colour

As long as the stick is showing any colour of pink, you are in Ketosis.

Also, it is worth remembering that not eveyone has side effects when getting into ketosis..many people enter ketosis after day 1 and are unaware!


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Thanks starlight & Elle ,
I will hope to be surprised tomorrow , but I don't no , I'm not giving up anyway but if I could get another 7 lb over 2 weeks I'd have 2 stone gone , so here's hoping , it's so annoying when you put the effort in ...
Thanks again
Tigger xx


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Hey tigger,
I was like that last week. I weighed at home and it said an increase!! The chemist scales showed a 4lb loss and, although I was disappointed, the chemist pointed out how much I have lost this month and I felt way better.
It all evens out so don't stress over a small loss.
Every lb off is 1 lb less to lose.
x x x


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Hi, yes girls as I probably said before I always check cumulative weight loss not weekly as Lipotrim guarantee you losing 1 stone each month. Don't be discouraged think happy thoughts. Stay safe and 100%,


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Yeah, I've found it balances out. Some weeks it's a few pounds, others it's loads. And yet, I do the same thing every week...go figure!

I do love my ketostix, though. Very reassuring to see the colour change even when I'm not losing much.


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Thanks lipotrim boy
I no I shouldn't weigh myself but I can't help it , I have to just bite the bullet , at this stage I'd be happy with 3 lb
Tigger x


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The darkest on the strips can sometimes mean your dehydrated hun... which will slow your loss!!! Hope your ok!! x