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Ketosis already?


Cambridge Counsellor
I woke up on the morning of Day 3 with the lack of hunger and funny taste in the mouth that I remember from Atkins days as ketosis. I didn't buy any testing sticks as my CDC said just go by the lack of hunger, but I'm assuming I'm there.

I wasn't expecting it for another few days, especially as I'm doing SS+ so have a few questions:

Is it normal to get into ketosis so quickly? Does that mean anything good or bad about my metabolism?

How long do other people generally take to get into it?

Or am I just deluding myself? (note to self I'll buy some sticks next time)
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I'm on day 4 and I don't have sticks either but i think I'm in ketosis today too as I've also got the taste in my mouth. Yes I think you're in ketosis. Not sure about the other questions.


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It sounds very much like you're in ketosis, I wouldn't say it was anything bad to be in it so soon. When I first started CD, I got into ketosis on the 3rd day as well.

Good luck to you with the diet


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I waited till this morning (day 4) and definately think I'm in ketosis. Got the second pink colour on the stick. Just wondered if it should be a higher reading or is that right?
I'm pretty sure I went into ketosis on day 2 :) Best of luck on the diet


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i was in ketosis by end day 1-day 2. well done! x


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I think everyone is different. It also depends on how carbed up you were before starting.

Anything from 1-5 days is possible.

Good luck


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