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I have no idea where to post this or how to title it!

The last 3 days I have had a strange sweet taste i my mouth, sweet alcohol is the best I can describe it as. If I lick my lips i can taste something akin to artificial swetener aftertaste. My breath also smells chemically, not unpleasant but like the nail products I used to use as a nail tech but not acetone. Also had a banging headache but thats now easing.

I've googled these symptoms and they come up with diabetes and ketosis.No other diabetic symptoms so I really dont think its that but I can't see it being ketosis either. My calories have been low the last few days (around 750) and so have my carbs (60-81) with the majority of them coming from vegetables but I thought they had to be much much lower for ketosis to hit.

Basically I'm asking do I need to worry about this, could it be mild ketosis on carbs of that level? I'm not trying for that...just my diet has worked out to be protein rich this last week
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On A Mission!
Yes, definately ketosis. My carbs are usually around 60 to 80 a day and when i think to test im usually in ketosis.

And no you dont need to worry, unless you are type 1 diabetic in which case you would know and be on insulin, so no need to worry.
Oh wow, thought carbs had to be below 30 or something.

Hate the taste, i'm more of a savoury gal...i'd be happy to carry on if it was a salty taste! Wonder if it will make a difference to my weight loss this week.

Thanks for the reply


On A Mission!
Make sure you drink plenty of water, you need to flush out the ketones. Officially (per the wiki) anything less than 130g carb is considered low carb. You should notice a good weight loss when you are in ketosis as you are burning fat, keep it up!
My weight loss had slowed stupidly as my signature stats show so I had a week of higher cals last week and dropped them back down this week...I wont know whether is that or ketosis thats helped if I have a better week now! I'll take a decent loss regardless of what the cause it tho, so depressing eating for 2lb a week loss but only losing 2lb in the whole of Feb!! Fingers crossed for tomorrows weight in!

Thanks for the info...I'll start downing the fluids
I wasnt trying for ketosis, i'm calorie counting but last week my weeks food just happened to be more protein and less carbs, was still low fat. I go for 40/25/35 carb/fat/protein but with what i had in the house it just ended up being low carb and I had this horrid sweet taste in my mouth. I wouldn't want that long term...euch! Not a sugar fan, tasted like alcoholic sweetex. Presume i'm out of it now as taste isnt constantly there

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