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Ketosis....need understanding!


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Sorry folks, have tried reading as much on here about it and am just a little flumaxed. Not hard for me to do by the way

Am I understanding it right I wonder?

I am doing BE YU , 4 times a day, around 800 cals and less depending on sachet choice.

I am on day 4 (but like I said on another thread, think I have a virus, as voice going...lol...feel yuk, and achey...but could be withdrawals....

I don't have a furry tongue or stinky breath so am thinking am not there yet...

I make up my shakes with skimmed milk.

I did have some green beans and rocket with my BE YU meal on Tues night as suggested in BE YU info...and still ate under 800 cals

So, I think am asking: do I need to eat less than a certain amount of cals to go into ketosis?

Does it matter terribly if I have some of the recommended foods BE YU suggest while also on shakes / meals...like lettuce, cucumber and some gren veg?

Think am confusing meself, hope someone can understand my waffle and help:confused:
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OO..OK. So if am on a high protein diet, like BE YU is then I should go into ketosis quite soon?
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Only if you're not having too many carbs a day to tip you into the process. It depends on your daily carb count, which could be added to even with the lactose in the milk. Unfortunately you're going to have to work that out for yourself and/or your diet provider, whom ought to be able to answer your queries.

Sadly none of us can really comment on the specific nutritional/ketotic benefits of 'be yu', I'm afraid you'll have to do your homework on that one. But if you are following a suitable diet, you usually start feeling even the most minor benefits of ketosis by about day 5, earlier for some.

Bodybuilders can have several thousand calories a day and still maintain ketosis, as long as they maintain less than about 50g carbs a day - but we all have an individual setpoint. I understand there should be something about it in one of the Atkins books.

Also, because of the bodybuilder aspect, there's lots written about the mechanism of ketosis on the net.


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S: 17st1lb C: 16st11lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.67%)
Ok, well thanks for helping...

Being a *bear with little brain* I still find it hard to understand...but its ok as am managing to lose weight so far!

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