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ketosis question



hoping for a good loss
For me it is always hard, although the physical hunger does go away. What keeps me going is the losses I get each week on those scales. Makes the effort so worth it
IMHO I think your mindset approach has a lot to do with it. Ketosis does get rid of physical hunger but I don't feel "euphoric" on it. However because you are on 3 packs a day only (and have all your nutritional needs in that) it can make you very aware of how often you use food for things other than hunger. And that dealing with that can be just as much of a battle as hunger but it can be dealt with if you approach it right. I find the fatigue issue is a state of mind for me - if I "tell myself" I am tired then I tend to feel it however if I say "so what if you are, get out for that walk / do those chores etc" then I find it isn't an issue. I am much more active now than I was before I started CD because before then all the bad food made me feel lethargic and demotivated anyway!

To qoute thedietguy.co.uk "believe you can and you will; believe you can't and you won't".
I agree , ketosis does stop the physical hunger , but not desire or mental hunger , I think its actually a long time since I felt physical hunger and i was always eating due to emotion /boredom etc . Ketosis gives you more energy and stops the physical side , but your head will still tell you to eat etc
I totally agree with Gg , this diet highlights the things I used food for before and hopefully gives me some tools to use when I am eating again to try and control it


Slowly but surely x
The strength of CD does not strictly rely on Ketosis - its just that Ketosis is a by product of the diet. There is nothing in the books that encourage us to solely rely on it and prey on it and is making some people lose focus.
I do agree, that being ketosis helps with the hunger and can initiate a bundle of energy in the second week and there after but the downside to it bad breath and feeling cold.
My only advice, darling, is try and have a little sleep or a hot bath during moments where the hunger is getting too much but I promise you that next week will be just peachy xx
If that's something you've picked up from one of my posts on another recent thread, Michele, then I'm sorry if it got you worried x

Cambridge is totally doable. Many of us here have tried every diet under the sun, but only found great success with Cambridge - because, I think, it takes food out of the equation. That whole "What shall I have for tea?" thing becomes a non-question. You have a shake, some porridge, a bar or a soup - that's it. :) And for me, that proved to be the thing that worked. No more calorie counting or totting up Points or counting Syns and realising that I hadn't got enough to have what I really wanted for tea.

Sounds odd, but you kind of have to get stuck into this diet to believe it, LOL. Once I'm in the flow - and that's the fun bit when you're a restarter like me, sigh - it's the easiest diet in the world. That's particularly because on average, you'll lose twice as much in a week as you would on something like WW or SW. That in itself is incredibly motivating.

Ketosis is an important feature of Cambridge - it makes consuming so few calories bearable. But for whatever reason, there will be days when you want to eat. If you've done any other diets, you'll already know that you can still feel ravenously hungry despite having had all your allotted points or calories for the day. But human beings are designed to function very well in times where food is in short supply. Our ancestors certainly didn't sit down to huge meals on a daily basis - and whenever the chatterbox in your head tries to tell you otherwise, in time you'll learn to tell it politely but firmly to shut up. :D

I think you'll be amazed by how well you can cope. Don't be put off by what anyone tells you. Everyone's dieting journey is different and how you cope depends on, as Goreygirl says, your mindset and personal circumstances.
Im on 810/1000 and I'm not in ketosis, have lost about two stone in 8weeks which altho by SS is not as good as, I feel that the losses are good enough for me, and I do feel hunger because obv not in ketosis but you can have good losses with or without ketosis, only with a higher plan comes greater responsibility, you have to be very aware and careful with how much you are eating :) This even =ing I have felt abit hungrier than usual so I decided to give my nails a french manicure, that always keeps my mind and hands very occupied for a good hour or so lol, my nails are looking very nice indeedy!

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