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Ketosis, where am I at??


not for long hopefully

Yeah, another Ketosis thread!
Just wanna know where I'm at?
Am on day 3 and have just done a test, on my Ketostix, according to the tub they come in, I am at the "MOYEN ++" bit, what does that mean?

Thanks for any help, promise I wont bother anyone with the whole Ketosis business anymore!

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Moyen is medium, so you are in a medium ketosis. You will find the pink colour will change throughout the day depending on the time you pee on the stick...ie first thing in the morning when you are likely to be a bit dehydrated it will be dark purple/forte/++++, whereas at the very end of the day after 6 litres of water you may be so hydrated that the pink is so light you will worry you arent even still in ketosis :)

Better to test early in the day so as not to cause unnecessary worry :D
yip if you see pink your in ketosis. Bare in mind though that the best time to check is the morning before you have drank any water as it can dilute the result..


Step away from the chips!
I'm assuming the instruction bit on the tub is in French as moyen is french for middle/average/intermediate/etc lol.

If the indicator is pink then i would assume you're in Ketosis :)


not for long hopefully
Kelly, its like a terracotta colour, best way I can describe it!

Bish Bosh, thanks for that, so that means Im now burning my own fat ?

Thanks again.
As long as it doesn't stay the original peachy colour then you are in ketosis and are burning your fat stores. It really doesn't matter what shade of pink it is as long as it's pink you know you're in ketosis! Well Done!!!!:D
Sounds like you're well and truly in Ketosis. As the others have said, the colour may change depending on how much you've had to drink, but once you're in the pink you're burning your own fat stores and well on the way to being slim!
I hit it at day 3, but sometimes if I do the test at night it is only slightly pink and then very deep pink in the morning.

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