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  1. Hey everyone, How`s it going? :)

    I`m nearing the end of my first week of refeeding and I thought as I have the wee stix still I`d try one :rolleyes: lol

    I was very surprised that it showed that I was still in Ketosis? Out of the 4 colour changes showing Ketosis, I was on the 2nd one. So not just slightly either??


    I`m eating as little carbs as possible as my body doesn`t react kindly to them and been eating a lot of salads and mostly fish or prawns, Wondering if thats anything to do with it?

    IF I AM still in ketosis, Does that mean a miracle might occur and I might still lose weight on refeed? (is this just wishfull thinking? :( ).

    Anyway, Wishing you all loadsa luck with your weigh ins this week :D

    Love LiSe Xxx
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  3. katy73

    katy73 Silver Member

    yep you should lose weight maybe 2-3 lbs a week doing a lo carb diet thats what i hope to follow when i get to goal but add more carbs in the form of veg and berries not sugar,my advice is lay off bread spuds and sugar and stick to proteins, ie prawns, chicken, steak etc with salads or green veg and try to limit the fat on them, tasty and youll be flying, also i have read on lo carb sites that sugar free jelly is a godsend, make it and toss in a few blueberries or strawbs and serve with a little double cream mmmmm
  4. kellywobble

    kellywobble Full Member

    I hope it do's for you. Good luck
  5. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    hope you do still lose hun- keep us updated

  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Just to clear up a few things for :D

    The colour of the stix doesn't tell you what level of ketosis you are in. It's a bit like getting a positive for pregnancy. A stronger 'positive' doesn't mean you are more pregnant. The shade of 'pink' depends on a few factors such as hydration levels, how well (or not) your body utilizes ketones etc. So if it's some shade of pink, you are probably in ketosis. There again, if it's beige, you might be. Gawd, I hate those sticks :D

    Probably. Though salads contain carbs, fish and prawns don't have any (or very, very few)

    Possible, but that's not really to do with being in ketosis. You lose fat by reducing calories. Being in ketosis can help you do that. So being in ketosis helps people lose weight by reducing hunger. A person can gain fat in ketosis if they eat too many calories. So whether you lose (which is highly possible) is more to do with your calorie intake :)

    I'm not a fan of low carbing for life for various reasons, but it is helpful if you are trying to keep those calories down when trying to lose weight isn't it :)

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