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Releasing the goddess
Yes, it is the same as abstinence....the food is protein, veg, milk plus a little fat x


Releasing the goddess
Hi Alibongo, I have never completed RTM....that is way I am back on the programme again.

Yes, not sure how far into ketosis it takes me. There are no complex carbs on LLL and the portions are controlled. I have to say at the moment it is a bit confusing. I am gonna chat with my LLC tomorrow night, because 200gms of Quorn seems a lot to me and going from absitinence to being allowed to eat this quantity is very confusing.


Releasing the goddess
Hi again Daisy, just seen you other thread on the main forum. I think there is no food talk allowed on there so here is the basics:

1 protein choice + 1 helping of veg/salad + 1 milk + 1 fat/oil + 3 packs

Protein Choices - 150gm of oily fish, beef, lentils and paneer. 200gm pork, white meat and white fish. 200gm Quorn, 225gm cottage cheese. 2 eggs

The water is still recommended and in my short experience, I am still as thirsty. xx
what is the fat and milk allowance - can you spread it out over the day or do you just eat it at one meal?



Releasing the goddess
its up to you how you use it:
300ml skimmed
200ml unsweetened soy
50g low fat cheese
25g hard reduced fat cheese
F&O's - 1tsp butter, 2 tsp oils, mayo, 3 dressing (low cal), 3 tsp single, soured cream, creme fraiche.

It is really interesting to see the portion sizes on the plate and gives a clear picture of how much food we should be eating in the long term to maintain. Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing if you have decided to join LLL xx
i can't decide what to to
im abstinent at the moment ( but keep having an extra pack) so debating what to do....
daisy x

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