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I am looking for advice...
I am under the impression that the Dukan diet pushes you into ketosis due to lack of carbs being ingested?
I have done 7 days attack (very strict) and on day 3 of cruise, yet having just done a quick urine test, I am barely ketotic.....
what am I doing wrong? I have seen just 1lb loss in a week (after the 7lbs on day 4), and can only attribute this to the fact that I am not in ketosis...
Why isn't working? I have posted daily menus which have been ok'd by you more experienced "Dukaners"..... Help - am p'd off...:raincloud:
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Dukan only gives you a light ketosis and very few of us even check that - I for one have never purchased or used those sticks. I just "know" when I'm in because I feel different (am not hungry; don't sleep much, etc etc.)

Your menus have been fine. You lost 7 pounds in 7 days which is fabulous. Since then, 2 days in Cruise (according to your signature), you've "only" lost 1lb. That's fine. 8lbs in 9 or 10 days. That's excellent!


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Dukan induces a state of light or "periodic" ketosis - just enough to ensure a steady weight loss - so your urine test is spot on

That's why Dukaneers avoid the more infamous side effects of full ketosis, like bad breath!


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- and 8lbs in 2 weeks is still 4lbs a week, which is a great steady weight loss (I'd have been elated to lose that much in my first two weeks!)


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- hang on - 8lbs in 10 days! That's a fine loss! You should be celebrating not p'ed off!


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Yes, remember that your carb intake is higher than other low-carb diets (oat bran, ff yogurt, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, etc. all have carbs.)

Also, ketosis is like being pregnant - either you are or you aren't... there's no "slightly pregnant" and so if you're showing even trace on the sticks, you're in ketosis. From my position as someone who stuck very clean to Dukan Cruise and checked sticks nearly every day, most days were just trace/light pink. I had just a few days in which I was VERY dark on sticks and it had absolutely no impact on my weight loss.

I hope that assuages some concerns. Your progress is great - I wouldn't be upset with that at all!!


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Gone a bit quiet
Funny thing how if you hear something new you'll hear it again in the next day or two! I had never heard of ketosis testing sticks till I read about them this morning on the Internet; now some of you are discussing them!
I've just assumed that when I eat correctly for the diet that I'm in it. Interestingly, Atkins has fat with it and that's a ketosis one too, so again the message is as one of you said on an older thread, if your back is to the wall, think Atkins, not 'just a little' starch carbs.

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