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Hiya all day 6 for me just puzzled over ketosis havnt had any bad breath not been cold and no bursts of energy a know people might just think go an buy ketostix and I probably will in the week just wondering if I don't have the side effects does it mean I'm not there yet? I'm still a bit shaky like my blood sugar may be low and the only thing I can think of is my Tongue feels like it's got a coating of something on and I'm not hungry havnt been since day 1 really thanks xxxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
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I didn't get any of the side effects either, no headaches, etc etc

If you've been sticking to the packs though,and you don't feel hungry then I'd day you're there :)


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I agree in 61 lbs of weight loss I have only ever had one positive ketostix - and it was a brand new batch.
Symptoms are just a guide, everyone varies and some symptoms come and go. Sometimes out of the blue I know I need to clean my teeth more often, some days my energy levels are amazing, other days I am cold, tired and weary. At the start its easy to blame every symptom on the diet, but sometimes its just life!

So just follow the rules and you cannot help but lose weight. I promise.

I was starting to worry also as not had the acetone breath yet. My tongue feels like it's got a furry covering though, and I actually have more energy than I normally do. Maybe all the excess food I was eating was what was making me so tired?!

Not feeling that hungry either, thirsty yes.
Thank you GSQ and flabazon much appreciated and yes the furry Tongue ewww lol I keep scrubbing at it. I have been 100% so the scales should be kind tk me xx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx


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You dont need to worry about not being there - just the diet alone will havr the weight cling off - Ketosis just makes some of the hunger etc easier for some people. Quite a high percentage of people do not benefit from ketosis symptoms (me being one of them!) but do have the nasty breath etc...!! Ketosis is in no way imperative on this plan, it can just make it a little easier if you benefit from feeling less hungry etc... the calorie defecit alone will have lbs melting away! personally I prefer NOT to have ketosis as I dont like the dizziness/breath/wired feeling/coldness - and as i dont benefit from the lack of hunger i dont think its fair on me!! PMSL!!

good luck!

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