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  1. JodieJoJo

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    Everbody seem to be testing their wee all of the time so i've decided to join the trend!

    I havent used ketostix at all during this diet so no idea if i've been in or out of ketosis!

    Have ordered some on ebay just out of curiosity really.

    Do you find them useful or do they make you stress unnecessarily?!
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    Hi Jodie Jo

    I'm only on week 2 but am trying to only test once a week to avoid getting too obsessed with it. Can give you reassurance but equally if they don't show pink I guess they could cause you to worry unecessarily. Down to personal preference really.

  4. westiegirl

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    I bought some when I started LL last year and didn't use them. Had to use one each week at my meeting anyway but never tested at home. I figured that I was 100% so I just trusted the process.

    However earlier this year when struggling on CD I fell off the wagon so many times I went through all my stix very quickly and tbh I found them very stressful. Now I'm on a restart and have none left and don't wish to buy any. I'm not 100% because I'm living life too but I'm enjoying taking the scenic route, therefore I have no need for them or the stress they cause me!
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    Ive just got hold of some from boots and just tested, and altho im in day 3 only the test came back trace at 0.05 but was gettin a bit darker towards next shade of pink up... i don thtink thats bad for day 3 but i cud b wrong!
  6. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Sounds like my first test hun, if it shows any trace of it at all you are well and truely in ketosis. It was probably quite pale as your urine is jam packed with all the lovely H2O that you have been drinking.

    Test it with your first wee in the morning...if you miss it then try the next one before you have guzzled too much water. I would imagine it would go quite dark pink/purple really quickly.

    Unfortunately my add a meal has brought me out of ketosis..I did a test yesterday and it showed NEG, so I did another one to be sure and again it was NEG.

    I posted a thread with my concerns and was assured that all is ok.. i have not cheated so should be ok. One cdc told me of someone who was on Soul Source for 6 months and never got a PINK that would wreck my head...:eek:

    I don't plan on doing another test until I'm back on SS (I'm back on ss on Tuesday so maybe I'll do the test on Wed or Thurs).

    It's hard to say whether to get them Jodiejojo because I was really stressed and felt like eating when I got a Neg reading...I was so down as I'd not cheated...I resisted the temptation and now I'm continuing to enjoy my add a meal in the evening and I'm looking forward to starting ss on Tues again... I hope I can get back into it ok though.

    xx sj xx
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