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  1. Hellraiser

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    As I'm sure a lot of people do, I use the Ketostix to make sure I stay in ketosis and so I get an early warning that if I mistakenly eat something I shouldn't I can tell by my ketone levels, normally I get the strip to the dark purple colour and yesterday for the first time it was down to almost a trace, I had a headache too, as if I were going into ketosis, I did not test it the day before so I may have come out of ketosis altogether. The problem is, I have no idea what I did differently, the only thing I did have which was new to my diet were some fridge raider chicken things, but the pack says 2.7 grams in a packet, so I was wondering if anyone else has eaten these with similar results.
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  3. Jim

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    Can't say I have mate to be honest. I never used the ketostix anyway, I have enough of a problem keeping it pointed at the bowl without the added harassment of trying to hit a stick in the process. ;)
  4. *AnnaMaria*

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    The colour of the stick is dependent on the level of dehydration, so purple isn't a good thing! They are also dependent on the amount passed through the bladder, so if you are drinking pints of water in the day and wee weeing them back out, you may only show a trace. Best thing is to drink enough, and test in the morning. Its not a case of the more ketones, the more fat burn!

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