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Kezweazel's Diet Diary

Hope I'm doing this right !

Joined here today and am feeling inspired by everyone's stories.

I'm 45 and feel about 65 to be honest. I've no energy, get moody and feel as frumpy as hell, but I've joined Slimming World (again) and this time I'm determined to get it off and keep it off. (6 years ago I lost almost 4 stone on SW, but it all went back on, and a bit more - why I let it creep back up, I don't know, but it did)

So, I rejoined last week, and my first weigh in is tomorrow!

I have stuck to it all week, but have been a bit confused with the new Extra Easy plan. When I followed it last time the old mantra was "Red or Green, but never in between", but it's all changed this time round. So I hope I see a result tomorrow.

I need to turn my life around an rebuild my self confidence, and this is the first step.........:)
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Hello, I rejoined on Monday and my self confidence is very low and i'm hoping that losing some weight may help me a bit. In my weight loss diary i talk about losing weight as my first step too. Lots of luck xxxx
Hmmmm. Stayed the same this week. It;s only week 2. Bit disappointed. Went to my Bro's for a meal on Saturday night, but honestly didn't go over the top. Have stuck to it all the rest of the week. I can only hope I will see a loss next week.


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Total of 1 stone 1lb in four weeks. Feel much better in myself. A chap in our local commented on my jeans being too big round my bum. Makes you feel great when someone notices.
Didn't post last week, we were off work and it was my birthday on weigh in day. Stayed the same, so was happy with that.

This week lost 1.5 lbs. Very happy.

Have made a mini target of 2.5 for next week, which will put me into the next stone down, so I would be 14 stone something instead of 16 stone something when I started.

Am going for it this week. The only thing that may hinder is it could be my *week. I say could be coz I never know when they are going to happen really. Must be my age !!
4lbs off this week. That's a stone and a half in total in 8 weeks. I'm absolutely thrilled :) Need to remember this feeling for weeks when its a bit tougher !
Spoke to soon. Put 2lbs on last week. It was my star week, and I have to admit I found it very hard to stick to it this time. Hopefully back on track now.


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you are doing fantastic! dont worry about the small gain, overall you seem to lose a lot at once and consistantly... i hope my results are as good! well done xx
3lbs off this week. That's the two I gained last week and another. Thought the footie would b****r it up as had a lot to drink on Saturday, but have tried to stick to it the rest of the week. One pound to go to get my Club 10. Fingers crossed for next week then :)
2lbs off this week. I got my Club 10 award.

Was a bit naughty because of the footie, but tried to stay on track the rest of the week.

I'm feeling loads better and people are beginning to notice :)
Hmmm, gained 2.5 lbs this week.

I am having trouble with my "monthlys". (They are fornightly at the moment) ! Am a bit late posting this and by Friday a.m. I'd lost what I'd put on so I'm hoping that's what's happened after all. Next Wednesday will tell.
28.07.2010 - Back to class. Lost 2.5lbs. Happy with that but finding it sooooooo hard to get back into. Am going to look at all the recipes again to spur me on.
Only 1lb off this week, still 3 more to go to get back to my best weight so far. Damn holidays, and damn "womens problems". Both b****r up your resolve !!!! It's our 15th wedding anniversary next month and we are going out for a meal. I would love to hit the 2 stone mark by then. Must kick myself up the bum and go back to week one.

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