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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i had a kfc last night and it was rubbish !!! wasn't half as nice as the chicken i had for lunch that was free the bread tasted thinck and doughey cause i'm so used to danish or brown sand the chips were erm... pants just thought i would let everyone know that they are not missing anything i synned my meal so i don't feel guilty all i can say is people were not missing anything i am so used to eating healthy now i felt really grubby after eating it too, has anyone else had this???
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I hate their chips. We had a KFC a few weeks ago and it was really greasy and I felt sick after it.
Id prefer some spicy grilled chicken and SW chips!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
it was awful just awful even though it wasn't it was just a massive let down.


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For me, the smell of "bad" food is always nicer than the taste. I love the smell of fish and chips but it feels so heavy in my stomach and the grease makes me feel a bit sicky and I feel sluggish after eating it!

I love KFC but haven't had one for a long long time, don't think I'll bother now. Thank you!!

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I find the chips rank too!!! With the chicken if its been left in the heaters for a while, the coating is soggy and really really greasy. I tend to avoid KFC now anyway!


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I went to the cinema last week with my mates and then onto KFC. I had already ate before going so I did not order anything other than a cup of coffee. My mates meals smelt good but after they had ate it they complained about feeling bloated and wished they hadn't had anything! Must say I felt good that my willpower hadn't failed me - I was keeping my syns for a meal out at the weekend and a few wines and believe me there was no comparison! As you say princessria, we are not missing anything!!
Last night I had a piece of chocolate cake as a reward for losing four pounds. It was dry and horrible and I really wish I didn't bother!

Kfc only seems to be good after a bottle of wine for me! I really like the gravy they do though.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
it's the same with all of it the more i cook and eat fresh stuff the more take away tastes like crap , dont get me wrong takeaways are nice all of it's nice but just the way your stomache feels after is enough to tell you that it aint that good and i think my body has just gone off it, even sugar i dont crave it as much and i used to be a major chocolate fan now i can take or leave it, crtazy aint it.
Ooh the stomach pains after a takeaway, yes I get terrible pains. I'm going to think of them next time I fancy a chinese.

I feel so much better eating like I do now and it's becoming so much easier now that I'm used to the diet, it's not hard to plan at all!
I get a 'hangover' after eating takeaways now... had a house party last night and we all ordered takeaway and i had some potato wedges.. but felt so ill afterwards! :-S

I think my body's starting to reject grease! :D lol!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i think maybe it's like when you get addicted to something i mean the reason i ate so much junk is cause you get addicted to preservatives and additives and the sugar isn't it and now it's out of my system it's like urgghh did i really eat this no wonder i felt bad and didnt exercise all the time lol
I had a chicken chow mein as a treat last night after WI and it really wasn't worth it, lol. I'd have much prefered that loaded hashbrown again that StaceyUK posted earlier on in the week... My stomach felt weird afterwards 'n' really dehydrated - all the salt and MSG I guess.

Yay for us and our health(ier) bodies not feeling the junk like we used to! ;):D
After I posted about my chocolate cake being awful yesterdday on this thread. An hour ago I ate a large white chocolate cookie... as a Friday treat... seriously - my stomach is killing me! Maybe this is becoming the end of my days of eating rubbish! It will certainly put me off for a while.

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