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Kick needed!!!

I'm just completing SS week 2 & I'm feeling pretty flat. I had to 'cheat' this week (long story - I knew in advance & discussed it with my CDC.) The cheat turned into a minor binge (compared with some of my previous extravaganzas!) but, on the plus side, I haven't used it as an excuse to give up (for the first time ever.)

My first week was fantastic (apart from one minor blip) and I'm sure that this is the way forward for me.

My problem is that although I'm not filled with the usual self-loathing I get whan I've 'failed' at a diet (my first time doing CD), I've lost the buzz I got at the beginning & I just feel really deflated. :sigh:

My usual response is to fall head first into a pile of chocolate. I obviously don't want to do this but I'm struggling with not being able to chew something. I do talk to my family but I don't want to seem like I'm going on & on about me, me me....

Any ideas as to how I can give myself a kick up the proverbial??

I've got my next weigh-in on Monday & although I'm not hopeful about any loss, I'd like to have sorted my head out a bit by then.......
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I've lost the plot a few times and somehow managed to get my head back in the right place a few days ago. Not sure if this will help you but it works for me most of the time...

When I wake up in the morning I simply focus on getting through that one day. I keep saying to myself "I only have to get through until bedtime (on SS)". If I think about the bigger picture and how long the journey may be it gets me down, now if I get through 1 day when I wake the following day I have a boost that I got through the day before and the next day seems easier again. (not sure if this is making sense? think i'm waffling..). Now, it could be psychological but each day I wake climbing the stairs, etc seems easier too.
Cheers for that - I think it's just what I needed to hear. I know what you mean - sometimes the big picure really does seem pretty big!!!

I'll definitely give this a go. Saying 'just until bed time' does seem much less scary that 'I've got to drink all my meals for the forseeable future!':)

I feel better already - thanks for the support (and for keeping me away from the fridge - but just until bed-time!!!) x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
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That's great advice from FocusedTer, every morning when you wake up tell yourself you will just concentrate on sticking to it for that day. After all you can only live one day at a time. Hope all goes well for you on Monday.
Glad it made sense...
Good advice above, set mini goals, and make them a big bigger or longer as you gain confidence that you can do it. At the start I'd aim for a date and what weight I'd like to be by then......and it worked every time. Once you have realistic expectations and don't beat yourself up over blips, they're in the past a second after they happen, and you just start again.......knowing what your triggers are (to eating) makes a difference too. You know what to avoid, or when you may be tempted. You CAN do it, if you really want it badly enough.
Thanks so much for all your advice. I woke up this morning feeling much more positive, sat down with a vanilla-shake coffee (yum) and did some serious planning!

My mum is actually coming to visit this week (hurray!!!) so she'll be able to help with cooking and meal-times for the little 'uns (one of my biggest triggers) and will also be there in the evenings (when the urge to nibble is at it's strongest.)

So, instead of prowling around the kitchen, I'll be able to go for a walk (or perhaps a swim if I'm feeling brave.)

Hopefully, taking it one day at a time, this will give me a week of being really positive & will get me back on track with some weight loss.

So, thank you so much for your fantastic and very do-able advice (and support.) It really means a lot - the fact that you're all doing this too & going through your own ups & downs, but you still take time out to give a bit of help to the strugglers.

Cheers me dears xxx
Hope your day is going well Jessie, I really find it helpful with the 'day at a time' approach too.......congratulate yourself sweetie, you are doing a very difficult diet and every day that you get through it should be a huge pat on the back......the scales will award you in the end!!!! xxxxxxx
Some great advice here. I do the same, I tell myself I can have whatever I want if i want it, but I choose not to - so I don't feel deprived or I'm missing out on anything - then I see how much I've lost and know I'm in control of myself - it's a great feeling. Set small achieveable targets and if you can, treats.

Good luck and well done you
just keep going, and try and think positive. i know its hard and I struggle too, but just keep going.
Today is still going really well - even when I was hiding upstairs, away from lunch & my OH called me down, saying 'Quick - look at this.' Turns out he just wanted to show me how great lunch looked ! GRRRR!!!!!

It's a good job you're all much more thoughtful. :thankyou:
Jessie B I know how you feel, my OH cooked the most delicious smelling pasta for the family yesterday... I had to go upstairs and do housework so I didn't cave in. But, hey I thought about how much better i'll feel the next morning knowing I done another day. Yep! feeling good for not having it.... I've gone into ketosis today so my appetite should lessen over the next few days. It can only get easier surely? ! ? !
Mornin' lovelies,

After all my moaning, I woke up today feeling bl**dy marvellous!!! I can't believe that after my rubbish week, I'm back in ketosis after getting back on the straight & narrow yesterday.

Glad you're in the pink now too Focusedter - onward & upward eh?

I'm not too hopeful about my weigh-in Tracey, but I'm happy anyway because thanks to all your support, I can say I didn't give up. Still, I'll keep my fingers crossed for 1lb maybe .......!
Glad to hear ur feeling good today jessie b...keep at it.
By the way, i'm looking forward to hearing how the weigh in went... hope you let us know?...
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Two things that keep me on track:

1. If you don't get to your target, and even a little under, you are far more likely to let things slip and for the weight to creep back up again.

2. If I cheat, the money I have forked out on CD is just going to waste!
Just got back from my weigh-in .....

I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I lost 4lbs, I LOST 4 LBS!!!

(Ahem - think I've go that out of my system now!)

I don't understand it, but it seems as though the Diet Fairy was smiling on me tonight!

Wow- what a day - I'm all loved-up & stinky in Ketosis-ville, plus I'VE LOST 4LBS!!! (Not quite out of my system then - sorry!)

Thanks so much for all your support. I don't want to do a 'Gwynneth - at -the-Oscars' but this really is huge for me and I quite literally couldn't have done it without you. I feel as though I've won the lottery, so a huge, huge thanks xxxxx


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