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kick up the bum needed

Everyone i need a good kick up the bum please!!!!well i started of last week very well right up until sat and lets just say its all went downhill from there! Didn’t even go to weigh in last night but to be honest i feel totally rotten, iv a headache that wont shift, mouth ulcers n my face has broke out and to be honest just needed comfort food! I had good intentions today but they haven’t went accordin to plan.. i really wanna get back on plan 2mro as i dont want to jeopardise my weight loss! So can sum1 please give me words of wisdom and a good kick up the back side please xx

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And Again...........
Heres a Kick! Put today behind you, eat sensible tonight and get back on it tomorrow! everyone has a bad day! :)

Naughty, Only joking :p
Just put today behind you and start a fresh tomorrow! ... Plan all your meals for tomorrow in advanced... and you will see results on the scales.. you have lost 9lbs already which is fantastic so keep going hun

:) I was bad sat and sunday... you just need to draw a line under it and start again... if you keep thinking oh but i was bad and carry on being bad your be at square one in no time!!

Trust me iv done it loads of times, skipped a weigh in bcuz iv been naughty, but then i carry on being bad and skip the next one and the next ... its always better to 'face the music' as my mum says, get weighed and if you have put on just work hard next week to get it off and start again...

you can do it hun :) x


And Again...........
Christie, I gained 1 and 1/2 this week, from Thursday - monday I had a hen weekend and consumed Chips & mushy peas twice, mexican (at a restaurant with all the sour cream trimmings!) half a dominoes pizza, and tons of wine and full fat cola, and two full english breakfasts!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, a weekend binge indeed!

I am not saying this is a wise thing! Or that i dont regret my bad choices (Had an absolutely fab weekend thou!!) and put 1 1/2 on, have you done as bad as I did?!?!?! Dont worry about it, and start anew.

I am on a fast track week, sticking too 16-18 points a day, to try and shift it this week. If you want to buddy up, let me know, and we can keep each other on the straight and narrow!!
Oh loopy i was on Saturday I had a big kebab followed by munchies in front of xfactor, sun i had kfc n sum more munchies, yesterday was a big sausage and egg bap, a egg mayo sandwich n a chicken dinner and today was a jambon and another egg mayo baguette! And to be honest i feel really sluggish! I wud luv to buddy up with u as i need the help this week! Im thinkin fast start might be an idea for me, so 16-18 points can u eat anythin tho?xx
Can some explain what fast start is please?
I havent been told about it at meetings or heard it even mentioned?
what does it do?

Ops sorry i mean fast track...
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And Again...........
The fast start is a 18 point plan, it was in my book that i got at the beginning, which i have misplaced! but i think the jist of it is, healthy as possible, 18 points, for a good loss, get you motivated and get you going.

I guess you can eat what you want? but i am no expert, but i wouldnt recomend just eating chocolate! Get lots of fruit and veg in there! lol

but there might be someone out there who is a better expert!
How about us 3 then stick to 18 points a day for the week and see what are losses are like?

Just eat what we like as long as its 18 points?
And mine!

When is yours xxchristiexx ?

I already know what im having for tea tonight and that will take me up to 14.5 so I have room for a dessert of some sort and thats me done for the day!

Im looking foward to what all our loses will be!

how many points do you all usually have, Im on 23! so im giving up 5 points a day

Im going to set a unrealistic target of 4.5 :p

anyone else going to set a target ?
Yes im def up for that too!my weigh in is a Monday night too! Im goin to go for a 3lb loss lol!altho i dont no how much i have gained this week cuz i was silly n didn’t go!so dunno if that confuses it any??i usually have 22 a day!xx
have you got any scales at home to quicky weigh on ?

or you could go from what you last known you did weigh and if you lose 3 you no its abit more really ;) ..
I think i will cheekily weigh in in the mornin at home and i will take as my weigh in for this week, and then that way il have a better idea as my own scales aren’t far of the ones at class, so shall let u no in the mornin wat my gain was for this week and from 2moro i too will be on fast start :)xx


And Again...........
hey, am on 21pnts a day. Oooh am excited bout this now! will help having you two along!! (and anyone else that wants to join us!!!). I will go for a 3lbs loss :) shall we update each day (at least once!! lol, i will be on here all day when im not working!!)

Looopy (all motivated now!)
xxchristiexx - Good idea ;)

How sad is it that im excited too! LOL..
Today when i woke up i didnt really feel 'into' WW, like i couldnt really be bothered, but now we have this new challenge kind of thing im all excited...

Yeah Il update every day .. And probs just write on here all day as I can when im at work and i get bored at work ;)

But this is my last post today I imagine as when i get home from work my OH wants to go on a bike ride :eek: !!

Oh and if either of you can post a recipe for 0 point soup i would be glad! I think im going to need it... even though the last time i made soup ages ago it was vile :jelous:

Good luck :cool:

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