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  1. shazzy1970

    shazzy1970 Full Member

    How can i give me metabolism a kick up the ass? My losses havn't been great recently and this seems to be a pattern on any diet with me. Any ideas?
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  3. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

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    try doing aam for a day or something, may help trick your body and therefore kick start your weight loss xx
  4. Yuna

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    Yup, agree with Jackietrew,

    aam week usually works :)
  5. Chebs

    Chebs Wants a pie

    Cambridge diet
    I add a meal when I don't lose and it always works. My GP says there is deffo something in the thinking. I would stay on SS only if it meant I lost weight because the no food thing does not bother me - I get a varied taste of things by eating different products. It's just a brucie bonus that I sometimes have to have a bit o' chicken and broc!
  6. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    chebs can i just say you look INCREDIBLE!!!!! wow! you look stunning! xxx
  7. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

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    Oh, I know how it feels to be a slow loser. People thing that you are not following the diet or something but it's just that some of us have real trouble shifting weight.
    I have an under active thyroid - which I'm taking medication for and should be ok, but I still find it very hard to lose weight - I don't find it hard sticking to the diet...I know that I HAVE TO.
    I did ss+ for the first 3 week but after staying the same last week cdc suggested ss alone. I'm going for weigh in later so will see how I've done!!
    Totally know what it feels like - so big hugs, and lots of luck.
  8. Chebs

    Chebs Wants a pie

    Cambridge diet
    Ah but we're all gorgeous. It just takes some of us a little bit of work and a little bit of time to believe it.:D
  9. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I find going for a walk helps :)
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