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Kim's Diary - 10stoneplease

well ive decided to start my own diary as ive royaly, naffed it up,
if anyone says not eating and exercising alot makes you lose weight,
they are wrong proven by mwah!
so today is my first offical day of Ultraslim (slim fast - but cheaper!)
and so far so good, started of with a shake around 10:30 and already had two pints of water.
for dinner though im going to have a large mushroom salad around 100cals, and instead of my snacks ill have another shake later so it balance's it self out.
for tea ill be having a jacket potato with salad, and ill be going out for an hours walk!
ill update later on tonight & let you all know how ive done! xx
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Go Kim!! U sound like me I've been faffing about on this diet and need to b firm with myself! I have been weighing everyday Past 2 weeks and every day I say right this will b my official wi day and then I eat more than I shud!!so as of today sat is my wi day and I'm not goin to wi until sat again!let's do this x
Right!! im with you all the way Shazza! no going back this time lol.
my new weigh day is Saturday too and i think im going to start measuring myself so i can track weight loss in inches too.

so today i think ive been quite good

Shake for breakfast
mushroom salad for lunch
jacket potato for tea.
i did say i was going to replace my two snacks with a shake, but i didnt feel like i needed it.
but i did have an ice lolly:break_diet: (75cals)
i went for an hours walk, in my heavy regatta waterproof jacket & boy did i sweat! my back was soaking, so im sure it did a world of good,.
tomorrow i'll make sure i have both shakes & snacks
roll on day two!!
okkkkk so yesterday didnt go great, but i knew i was getting a treadmill so i thought i would have one last pig out before i went for it all guns blazing!
so today. Monday offical starting day -
starting the day with a chocolate shake.
Will update later!!!
:D Hi girls! Sorry haven't been about for a couple of days, but nice to have a few threads to catch up on :p
You two, I'm going to crack the whip and keep you both on the plan hehe!! I'm coming up to being on it properly for two weeks tomorrow, and another WI on Weds arrrgh!
Hahahaha I've faffed at weekend too so officially today on the ultraslim, ran out of sf so thot I'd try it!! Let's start again, this time tho, let's do it!!x
i know lighter were have you been!!!
lol well no need to for the whip today:whip:
ive been very good & wow has it been two weeks already
geeze that went quick!
looking foward to seeing your numbers!!
lol & sharon were a right pair arnt we lol.
but so far today ive been really really good.

2 x shakes
fish cod in butter sauce 4 small potatos lots of peas and sweetcorn & loads of water
35 mins on treadmill. so far so good, and you know what i feel brilliant yayyy
:worthy:Good on you Kim!! Sounds like you did really well, get you 35 min on the treadmill! Isn't it great when you start to feel the benefits too :D That's excellent!!

I'm not even as hungry anymore either it's weird, yesterday I still had 120 cals left and I didn't feel like eating anymore, I made myself have another snack as I don't want to undereat as I know then I'll not lose anything! Stoopid diets! :doh:
well todays gone pretty well apart from a tiny tiny blip, but i only had a tiny tiny bit i swear, for tea half chips half rice & curry sauce. butttttttt i chucked most of it in the bin before i ate any, and still didnt eat it all so im not hugely bothered but ive been the dentist and partner had to nip out so we would of been eating dead late
for dinner shake
breakfast porridge with semi skinned milk,
but ive had no snacks grrrr, supose ive added them on to tea
exercise has been 40 mins treadmill which was 2 miles
tomorrow im hoping for 2 and half miles,
still trying to decide weather to weigh myself weekly 2 weekly or monthly. i just know what im like, if i dont see results worth the hard work ive been doing it really puts me on a downer,
well we shall see.
lol and nooooo dont under eat. i never beleived people when they said not eating dosnt work, as how do anorexics get so skinny.
but i surpose they undereat for a very long time, i dont think i could ever get that way. id probs end up eating myself!
Wow 2 miles!! That's incredible, you go girl!:happy096::clap:
Don't worry about your tea, like you said you prob cancelled it out anyway with all that exercise and no snacks, I'm sure it's fine ;)

I know exactly what you mean about WI, just do whatever you feel is best for you. It is hard if the scales don't reflect your hard work!! :mad:

What's on the menu today?
I ended up eatin 6 chips from oh fish supper lastnight I wudnt worry, is it wrong that I counted them haha!! I've been looking at treadmills on eBay, I'm moving house in 3 weeks and my new bedroom is massive so thinking bout getting one!!x
Are you there Kim?!!! how you getting on with the treadmill? :)

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