Kind of silly question about AAM Week...


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Today is the beginning of week 5 for me, so technically it is my AAM week, but I'm not too sure.....

Am a little bit worried about portion sizes, and about actually having proper food....I know I had something to eat the other day and I was ok, didnt pig out or anythin afterwards...but now its like I have 'permission' to eat this week....

I also know that this week is a really important part of the SS program, after all, food is a fact of life and will need to be dealt with when I reach my target anyway, but if I didnt do AAM for the full week, amybe 3 or 4 days only, would that be ok?

Any opinions or thoughts greatly appreciated!!!
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For clients I have that are nervous about AAM, I explain that it is an excellent booster: they learn a little about how small portions can be just as filling; they remain in ketosis; and they KNOW they have the safety net of SS.

If you are really not sure, I sometimes suggest having the AAM every other night, but keeping the options open. You can do this - after all, you managed four weeks without any food at all! :cool:


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Thanks DQ....I think I might just have somethin to eat every other evening....technically I should have started AAM today but couldnt really face the thoughts of real food!! Have just had some chicken & mushroom soup & thats my first pack so far....dam cold has me feeling crap!!!


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Hey Kazz

You can also make it a little more interesting by using your soup packs as sauces over chicken or helps to ensure that you're having your 3 packs and doing AAM at the same time...and is very tasty!! ;)

Good'll be fine..let us know how you get on! :)