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Kinda guttedbut on the plus side

Well i stayed the same despite being 100% on plan and not wavering and also exercising for at least 30 mins a day minimum. I believe it is old star time soon but thats no excuse as last time i still lost 3lbs. To me this is quite gutting if I'm honest, but theres been quite a postive side effect too....

I have decided to tackle it thusly...

Drink at least 2l of water everyday(i admit i have been a bit lax on my water intake)
Exercise 30 mins before every meal
Cut down on the heavy carbs such as rice and pasta and potato and eat more eggs.
I'm not quite that desperate to start eating quorn but if it doesnt shift this week i will.
I'm taking my syns back down to 5-10 a day not the full 15
And reviewing my healthy extras

I eat alot of superfree foods on green and tbh it is what most of my diet is but obviously going wrong somewhere so going to see how this week goes. Aiming for a loss next week and i will work my hiney off to get it. Bugger 100% this week lets amp it a bit bit and make it 200% :D

Sorry this is half moan guys I needed to get it off my chest least i go mental xxx
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You go PurpleSky. Hopefully you will see it all drop off next week.
I'm hoping and it should as I've stick with it now for nearly 8 weeks and i;ve enjoyed it and i know it's long term but just feel quite unhappy with the flab atm had a few low points over the last few weeks and been horrendously stressed which I'm sure doesn't help. Thank you and will work my hardest to get there
I'm sure you will get there. Just got to remember its a change for life not just for xmas (or spring/summer/autumn). Plus the majority of diets that promise amazing weight losses are the ones that can only be done short term, don't teach you to eat properly and you gain all the weight again when you finish them. By choosing SW you are changing the way you eat and the way you think about food in a way that will be sustainable for life and should help you keep the weight off for life.


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Goodluck Purple Sky on your 200% week!

BTW - I am the same as you, when i started really going for it with exercise, the scales didnt move for 2 weeks. Well done on not being down about your STS, it will move soon - promise xx
Also i think i;ve kinda reached my first plateau thinking about it as when i got up to this weight(this was the weight i was before i quite smoking last year) i had struggled to get under it so i think burn time is needed LOL. If i look at it another way before i joined slimming world i had lost 14lbs so in total this year i has lost 31 lbs which is pretty darn good so perhaps my bodys just catching up a bit LOL
You've done so well already so don't do anything too drastic hun (with you on the quorn thing but I'd need more than a few STS weeks before you'd get me near the stuff). Have you thought about a fishy week - seems to help loads of people - it will be my first change if and when I get to a plateau.
I'm a vegetarian and i don't eat meat or fish hence why I'm going to eat a few more eggs though i make ommeletes generally with one whole egg and 2 whites. I tend not to eat meat replacements due to taste and texture and soya i have a bit of a problem with LOL


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Good luck getting a boost!
Why not try replacing potatoes for squash or swede? I always find this gives me a bit of a boost.
If I'm doing potato wedges for the other 2, I just roast some squash wedges for me.
Good luck this week.
Well done on staying 100% on plan and for your determination to carry on.

One thing we discussed in class today was that one member had done the same as you - really concentrated on upping her superfree, superspeed and water intake and she had done 5 exercise classes this week instead of her usual 2. Our consultant said that when you make a considerable change to your exercise routine then your muscles hold onto more water than usual so you will usually STS or even gain for the first week (and maybe even the 2nd week) of your increased exercise regime. On the plus side, most members that have experienced this have gone on to win SOW the following week.

Stick with it hun and you should reap your rewards.
As my partner said a yesterday.. Your eating healthy and exercising surely thats more important then worrying about the scales. With that i had a think and though i would like to see that scale drop every week i know my bosy is changing as my cloths are fitting better and i look better soo we shall see. Have kept to plan, drunk me water and done me exercise everyday soooo yay :D

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