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tigger22 said:
Hi ladies & gents , since starting on lipotrim , I am reading books like no ones business ,and my sons wanted to buy me a kindle, do any of yeah fellow lipotrimmers have one or no if they are any good ,thanks everyone
Tigger x
Hi. I have one and I love it. It goes everywhere I go. And some of the free books you can download are fantastic.


shrinking violet
I'm getting one of the new Kindles tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I am obsessed with books and reading and always have at least one book in my bag so this is a dream for me! :D
I think i must be one of few who doesn't like the Kindle lol .. it's a great device no doubt but i love the feel and smell of a book. I think reading a screen would hurt my eyes too as with looking at the computer screen at work all day does so don't want to add to it.
I was not a big fan at all until i got one and wouldn't go back now! I have a Sony one and also got a waterproof case so i can safely read it in the bath! Have a look on the Proporta website if anyone else likes reading in the bath :)
Also, just in case anyone didn't know, you can download a thing called Calibre on which you can convert books made for the Kindle to ones that you can read on the Sony and others.
Also, our library offers free e-books to download and you get them for 21 days so it's worth checking if your library can do the same x
I've had one since June and wouldn't be without it now.wasn't sure I'd like it as like someone else said I like the feel and smell of a real book lol
Can honestly say the kindle is great though and the pages still look like a real book.Most are really cheap to buy,think most I've paid is about £5 for a new release.
Thanks everyone for the replies, I think I will get the kindle or Sony reader, like some of yeah girls I really enjoy reading , and my son has special needs , which can mean a lot of appointments , so I reckon they would be so handy as there light weight. The only downside is the fact that I do like the feel of a book in my hand and sometimes my sister who enjoys reading too, we would swap books , maybe I can get her to buy one too ha ha
Love my kindle and there are so many books that are free or really cheap. The really big plus is no-one can see what utter chick-lit crap you are reading - it could be War and Peace for all they know ;-)
I think reading a screen would hurt my eyes too as with looking at the computer screen at work all day does so don't want to add to it.
Thats the selling point of a kindle though, its not like reading a screen, its not backlit etc and the ink and format is just like reading a real book, its just as easy on your eyes as reading a book or magazine it. Reading on a kindle is very different to even using the Kindle app
I think you guys have convinced me to get one now too!!!
x x x

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