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Kira's Diary (Re-start Day 5)

Day 5
I am on day 5 of CD SS having failed many attempts to re-start CD since last year. My first attempt at CD was end of March last year. I started at 11st 12 and got down to 8st 7 by mid August.

Back from holiday last week, I knew I had to do something about my weight. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. With a new resolve I am back. I have set myself a goal to stick to CD 100% for 12 weeks but I am more than aware of the difficulties that lie ahead.

Days 1 to 4 I managed to complete without a problem, though I am worried why I have few one of the 'symptons' I experienced before. (Though have a slight headache today).
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Stubborn tortoise
Hey Kira, found your thread... welcome back honey! You can do this... lots of us getting our heads sorted after the summer. Be glad not to have the ikky ketosis symptoms... I just had a slight headache firrst time around, so this is probably it for you... go, girl!

Thanks Katy! I haven't found day 5 as easy as the past 4 days. I have a funny feeling in the back of my throat and and in ears and also a funny taste in my mouth. On previous re-starts I would have given in to this slightly "unwell" feeling but I sensed danger and went for a walk with my husband for half and hour. It did the trick and stopped that "empty" feeling. Going to bed early tonight to avoid any temptation. I am beginning to recoginse the triggers that have de-railed me in the past and develop distractions.


Stubborn tortoise
Good plan. Get through these few days and you'll start to settle into the zone... and hopefully stay there! Have been talking to OH and agreed a plan to have a walk every day together, with dog... this would be brilliant for all three of us! Fingers crossed.

Stay strong Kira!

Day 6

In ketosis but found today much more difficult that days 1 to 5. Whilst I didn't feel hungry, I wanted to eat. This could have been because my mouth feels like a sewer! (My breath probably smells like a sewer though my DH tells me it just smells a bit stale if close up! Great!) I just wanted the texture and the feeling off food in my mouth but because I wanted to eat. I thought today was going to be a breeze and found myself having to remind myself how much I had achieved to get this far and that I shouldn't let it go to waste. Hopefully that will get me through tomorrow.

Exercise: 39 minute brisk walk Nike ipod said I burned 334 calories (not sure how accuate this is). Anyway, walk made me feel better.

So day 6 complete and I am off to bed soon as it has been a long day at work followed by a long meeting at school earlier this evening.


Stubborn tortoise
Sounds like a good day. Day 5 can be tricky, I think it takes a week or so to really settle into a routine. Stay with it... you know you can do it hon.

Day 7 (morning...the whole day to get through!)

Woke up feeling exhausted, with mild headache, blocked up (TMI) and realised just started period and have period cramps. I just feel like crawling back into bed with a hot water bottle for the pain! On the plus side my mouth doesn't feel like a sewer anymore and the ketostik was showing I was very much in ketosis.

Question is, will I get through today?


Stubborn tortoise
You will, but take it easy. Snuggle in and don't tire yourself out. Once totm is over you'll get an even better loss, I bet. And any cravings, well, you will know where they came from. Curl up with a hot water bottle if you need to... but stay on track. You can do this!

Day 7 (evening)

Almost completed day 7!

Dragged myself to work (no chance of snuggling back into bed!) TOTM pain subsided after taking paracetemol and thankfully the awful sewer-like mouth felt better later in the morning.

Found day 7 easier than day 6. I didn't feel hungry today but I did keep thinking about on and on during the course of the day. I wasn't feeling I was depriving myself but just couldn't stop thinking about it. I literally am taking each day as it comes. When a new day begins, I then take it hour by hour and this is how I have managed to stick to this re-start unlike the previous re-starts. I am hesitant to say I can succeed 100% on CD SS but I am more ompimistic than I have been on previous re-start attempts.

Will sort kids out, get school stuff and work stuff ready and treat myself to watching Holby City - what an exciting life I lead!

Katycakes hope your day was a good one. Will try and catch up on the forum threads inbetween sorting kids/homework out.
Day 8 Week 1 weigh in - lost 6 1/2 pounds!

Pleased with loss considering TOTM. Can't beleive I got through the first week of SSing! I really think the first few days are the hardest when trying to re-start CD. For me days 5 and 6 were the most difficult to coax myself through because I just felt awful.

I still have that blocked nose/ear thing going on but think it is not CD related. Off to work shortly. At least I know I can drink my 2 litre bottle with ease throughout the day in the office. Just need to avoid the biscuits/chocs people bring in to share! Think I will have a good SS day today.


Stubborn tortoise
Way to go Kira! That is a FAB loss. Keep that focus strong and keep glugging... here's to another 100% week!

Day 8 (evening)

Doing ok. Only a couple of hours until bedtime I hope! Finding myself goign to bed early because I am exhausted possibly because I am SSing and TOTM and getting back into school routine/work after hols.

Was positive this morning that today would be easier but it wasn't. Could be because of TOTM? I realise that each day is going to be a challenge and recognise I have to take it hour by hour, and then look back at what I have achieved if I am wavering, so as to remind myself not to undo my hard efforts. I will have to keep repeating this to myself because right now I feel it would be easy to get derailed and give up. I remind myself of the success of others and my previous success last year in order to try and focus.

ps Katy,Emma thanks for your posts and support.

Not getting much time to read forum and/or post just barely enough to scan and then post on diary.


Stubborn tortoise
Happy Day Nine hon... you are going great! It's not easy, I know, but there WILL be some days in there when you are totally in the zone and everything seems pretty simple. I didn't get days ike that until about 2 weeks in, but a run of days like that is worth waiting for!

Once totm is over you will hopefully get a bit of an energy surge, it always wipe me out.

Wishing you sunshine & plenty of determination!

Day 9 almost complete! I found today much easier today and I think it was because I simply didn't feel hungry at all. A sure sign of ketosis. Mouth doesn't feel like a sewer and feels better though still a bit dry. Still dont' feel full of energy but still TOTM so hopefully will get energy back very soon. I am really pleased with myself to have come this far after so many failed re-starts! I really feel I have achieved something, despite there still being a long way to go.

Katycakes thanks so much for your posts! I log in early in the morning, usually 6.30 am and it is great seeing your post urging me on!! I will probably have another early night so won't be able to read through the forum posts as much as I would like but hope to catch up at weekend.

Anyone new or re-starting CD all I can say is the first week or so is clearly the worst, if you get through that there is more chance you will stick with CD longer. Also, bear it mind it won't necessarily get easier it just means one's determination gets stronger. Anyway, that's my personal take on it!


Stubborn tortoise
Dead right Kira. the more practice we have at being strong, the better we get at it.

Day 10 (am)

Well completed day 9 evening with no problem and even managed to stay up later than 8.30! Feeling better today and hoping I will have more energy as TOTM comes to an end. Mouth doesn't feel as dry. Decided to avoid any social events for as long as I can to help me to stick to CD because it where I envisage myself coming unstuck!
Day 11 (morning)
Hoping today will be like day 10 which I found relatively easy as I just wasn't hungry. Planning to keep myself busy again so as not to have time to think about food but that is hard. The boys were having plain old cheese pizza and my brain told me it looked like the most delcious mouth watering piece of food I'd ever seen! I didn't succumb I told myself I wasnt' hungry and it seemed to worked. Not sure it will work all of the time but it did last night.

What have I learnt over the past 10 days? That even if I am successful in losing weight on CD SS I need to change my attitude about food. It will always be an issue for me and I have to accept I am an 'addict' and have an eating disorder albeit simply eating too much and the cycle of bingeing when I feel I can't control myself. Whatever, weightloss programme I choose, I will put the weight back on unless I accept I have to take responsibility for what I put in my mouth and take control of myself.

So hoping to be in control today in order to complete day 11.

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