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kirsty2012 diary...loosing it bigtime in 2009


is gonna shine in 2009
Well what can i say accept it start with homemade curry at a family party and ended with cheese on toast.....alothough it was a lighter cheese....but still i was baaadd and i really don't know why after doing CD a "normal" day on WW should be a huge amount. But i guess it doesn't take too long for the body/mind to get used to stuffing your face eh?

Oh well today is a new day and i have done 40 mins on the wii fit this morn before brekkie and have been good so far.

Was meant to be going to family BBQ but its raining so i guess thats in my favour lol.
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Just count it in your points and doing the excercis is great too as your earning bonus points - youl be abboyed if ou see a gain this week! back to normal now for yourself and youl get a loss!


is gonna shine in 2009
I'm so rubbish at this diary lark....well had WI this morn and lost 6lbs and really pleased with that as it was a day early, but want to weigh in on a wednesday.

Had a busy week so far had special needs health visitor at my house on tue and the "normal" HV out today to do my daughters 2yr check. My baby of my 4 kids has special needs and has global developmental delay as well as a few quirks and hypermobility.

Have decided tonight the kids are to bed early and me and the OH are gonna chill and have a chinese, something we haven't done in a while and i will try to be good points wise


Going From Flab to FAB!
Woohoooo 6lbs is sooooooooooo brilliant well done :)
Hi Kirsty thought I would pop over from cd and see how you are doing, really well by the sound of it, well done hun, keep it up.xx


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks susan x
Been so bad on an evening for the past few nights.....think its down to my grandma dying last fri, although hadn't seen her for about 8yrs was still a shock. Anyway feeling back on track now and hoping for at least to have sts this wed.

Had a gorge filling low point brekkie spanish omlette and a slice of wholemeal toast with ww soft cheese was really yummy.

Need to keep on the striaght and narrow now on an evening!!
Hi Kirsty , sorry to hear about your Gran, hope you are doing better now, you can do this hunni.xx


is gonna shine in 2009
well was doing great last sat, sun and mon then well meaning family were saying oh leave the loosing weight till after new years day and of course with so many parties to go to it did not take much arm twisting, so back on track in the morning with no distractions for months which i'm glad about


is gonna shine in 2009
Ta ladies x happy new year x:D
i think a lot of us struggled the last few days so dont worry about it :) you can do it if you set your mind to it :) get urself on the valentines day challenge thread! :D


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks, will do x


is gonna shine in 2009
Well today is d day and so far so good, only had my brekkie so far as got up late.......that will change on monday as kids are back at school...yay!!

So so far i've had weetabix and milk for 3pts and i'm allowed 23pts a day but will be doing 18pts this week to get a good start.


is gonna shine in 2009
Well being super good today having 18pts a day this week although if i struggle won't beat myself up for going upto the 23 i'm allowed.

had 8.5pts so far so 9.5 points to pay with for tea and and treat.

Being a hetic day today so think that has helped the day fly, had my new washer and dryer delivered and they are huge the washer is 8kg and the dryer is 9kg and i could wash and dry a small child in them lol.

and my lovely new materess has come today, so can't wait to go to sleep lol ( what an exciting life i lead!! )

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